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I’m OnCall Free vs Paid

I’m OnCall is a cost-effective, secure online help desk software which allows organizations to offer remote support over the Internet to their customers. The two flavours of I’m OnCall are the free version and the paid version. So what is the difference between the two?

Free Version Features:

Remote Control


Paid Subscription Features:

Remote Control – As a support agent, nothing is more effective than temporarily taking remote control of your customers’ computers to resolve their technical issues. In addition to controlling the screen you may also do remote file transfer.

Live Chat –  This essentially can eliminate your customer service phone lines. Your customers can submit live chat requests through a queue (clicking the Live-Chat button on your web site embedded with an URL given to you by I’m OnCall). Your agents simply pick up requests and perform real-time live chat with the customers via the Internet. Your customers may leave call-back requests if the queue is busy.

Simultaneous Live Chat session – Agents can chat with many customers at the same time.

File transfer – Provides the interface to transfer files and folders between your local computer and the customer you are supporting (the Remote Computer).  Select the file(s) or folder(s) you wish to transfer from either the Local or Remote Computer window pane by selecting the file(s) or folder(s) icon, and then drag and drop to the appropriate folder of either the Local or Remote Computer. You can select one or more files in the same folder.  You can also delete file(s) and folder(s) or create new folders on either of the two computers.

Branding (banner, photo, etc.) -A wide range of customization options including customizing your banner, agents’ photos, etc. on the support session page are available in I’m OnCall.

End-of-session survey – At your option, I’m OnCall can conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey for you after each Live-Chat session.  Information such as speed, knowledge, politeness, communication, effectiveness, and whether issues have been resolved can be collected.  You can effectively use these statistics to measure performance of your agents.

Detailed support log and history – Under the History tab, you can view all your closed Incidents or establish some search criteria. Create your search criteria and click “Search”.  All filtered records will be displayed. This is very useful when you need to create reports on the remote control activity services that you have provided to a particular customer.

Shareable license – All you will be paying is a low monthly/annual connection license fee. There is no limit on the number of agents you can set up to share the licenses as long as the simultaneous connections do not exceed the number of licenses subscribed.

Central administration – After logging into your I’m OnCall account you will see the Menu tabs located at the top of each screen. The menu tabs allow you to navigate I’m OnCall easily and are presented based on your assigned user privileges. This gives you a centralized view of all the settings and features of I`m OnCall.


In summary, the free version benefits those who want a quick basic remote control session, with any details or added features. But for those who require more features with detailed tracking and then the paid version is the way to go. Either way, I`m OnCall provides an excellent support solution for any level of user.

Can Remote Access Benefit Your Business?

Remote desktop is one revolutionary service which has changed the whole computing industry. It allows users to access their computers anywhere and anytime through the internet. This has facilitated companies to enhance the productivity of their work force dramatically.

Which issues should managers consider when implementing this technology for their business?
1. Technology Issues:
Sometimes, there are several security and firewall configurations required to give access to employees working from home. Then there is the cost of VPNs which can get high depending on the number of remote workers. With I’m InTouch, there are no hardware compatibility issues or gateway/firewall settings that need special configuration. Simply install it on the employees’ host PCs and all they need is a browser to access our simple web interface. And with our 3 layers of authentication and encryption standards, security is not an issue. Also there is a huge cost saving when using I’m InTouch versus a VPN, again saving the business money.

2. Business Issues:
The more employees a business has, the larger the office space it requires. By having them work from home, the office space does not need to be as large and money can be saved. Moreover, I’m InTouch allows employees to remain productive while travelling. It avoids confidential or sensitive data to be taken out of the company since there is no need to copy data onto a laptop or USB drive anymore. Employees can access any file, any data on their office PCs anytime. Everything remains in the office premises. Data loss when your laptop is being stolen will no longer happen.

In summary, when looking at the high costs of having remote workers with VPN connections, I’m InTouch makes much more sense to a business. It really saves a lot of hassles and money for your business when implementing a remote workforce.

What is I’m InTouch Meeting?

I’m InTouch Meeting is a cost-effective, fast and yet powerful on-line meeting, web conferencing, and phone conferencing tool.  With I’m InTouch Meeting, you can easily meet colleagues at different geographical locations and make real time conversations.  Not only will you save time in travelling, you will also save time and money on booking venues, hotels and transportation.  It’s easy to use and you can be up and running meetings & conferences in minutes.


Shareable Licenses – You can create an unlimited number of web conferencing users under your account even you have only 1 subscribed license. When an employee needs to start a meeting, he/she simply uses one of the available licenses from the pool.  This allows corporate subscribers to start with a small number of licenses and add more when they see their existing licenses being fully utilized.

Real-time Screen Sharing – You can host live online meetings, share your desktop screen with all your attendees and allow them to collaborate – all in real-time. Powerful tools such as attendees list, real time chat window, attendees invitation controls, pause/re-start screen sharing, etc. are just clicks away.

Integrated Phone Conference – The moderator can provide a free unlimited telephone conference access number for the attendees to join. This means that they can be on a phone conference while sharing their computer screens. The toll-free option is available at a minimal additional fee.

Standalone Phone Conference – A phone conference can be conducted without involving the computer. In other words, you can use I’m InTouch Meeting to replace your standard plain phone conference line, plus having the flexibility of assigning different Meeting IDs and passwords for different events.

Whiteboard (Annotation) -The moderator and attendees can draw on the moderator’s screen with different color of annotations to identify their ideas. In other words, an attendee can easily point something out on the screen to draw emphasis on certain discussion point.

Attendees’ Access Rights Control – The moderator can control each attendee’s access rights before or during an online meeting session (e.g. assign or revoke a web conferencing attendee the ability to control the moderator’s screen).

File Transfer – The moderator and attendees can exchange files during an online meeting, online seminar, online training, etc. regardless of the file type or size. This means that you will not have the same issue of what files you can or cannot send as with email systems.

Remote Printing – An attendee can print from the moderator’s computer to his/her computer during an online meeting, online seminar, online training, etc. There is no setup or configuration required. Your attendees simply need to click Print and the document will be printed to their local printers.

Text and Audio Chat (VoIP) -The moderator and attendees can exchange ideas via a common chat window that supports both text and voice (online conference call).

Administrative/Statistics Tools – Powerful tools allow the Administrator to manage meetings, review historical sessions, manage users, customize invitation email, etc.

In summary this feature-filled product is the ideal online meeting software for all business and non-business functions.  Remove geographical boundaries and increase your productivity by using I’m InTouch Meeting!

Benefits of the New I’m InTouch v9.5

01 Communique has just released a major update for its remote desktop product I’m InTouch.  This new version has lots of feature and performance enhancement.  Following are the highlights:

1.   The new v9.5 compliments the brand new I’m InTouch GoMail v1.0 app.

I’m InTouch GoMail is a revolutionary app that can mobilize your Outlook*.

You can now send email from your mobile device with attachments easily. Plus it is FREE!

Advantages of I’m InTouch GoMail:

- Read your Outlook Inbox on your mobile device

- No more storing of emails on your ISP and risk of a privacy breach

- Get notification of new emails received at your Outlook on your mobile device

- Insert attachments from your computer without leaving them on any cloud

- Save inbound attachments onto your computer

- Send/Reply/Forward activities completely logged on your Outlook

Stay tuned for the soon release date of I’m InTouch GoMail!

2.    Brand new notification mechanism compatible with most mobile devices (i.e. iPhones and Android phones) that has the new I’m InTouch GoMail app installed.  Once you have started using the GoMail app, you will be able to get notification of new emails received at your Outlook on your Apple or Android device.

3.   Improved compatibility with Google Chrome and Firefox which streamlines the starting procedures of a remote session of I’m InTouch

4.   Newly introduced “Post-trial Free Usage” period with limited features. This will allow a trial user to continue using I’m InTouch past the trial period for FREE but with limited functionalities (remote desktop will not be available past the trial period).

*Your Outlook computer must be I’m InTouch-enabled. You need to install the latest version of I’m InTouch v9.5 on your Outlook computer in order to use the I’m InTouch GoMail app on your mobile device.

This major update brings lots of benefits to current and new users of the I’m InTouch remote access software.
For current subscribers, please obtain your free upgrade by going to your I’m InTouch-enabled computer and right-click on the “Green Satellite” on the taskbar. Select “Run Update Now”.