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Cloud Security Post-COVID 19

Our current global economy is crying for cloud security. If we thought we are at the top of our game we need to re-think; COVID-19 has brought about heavy lawsuits in data breachphishing and ransomware attacks for all size companies and industries, the most recent attack being at Garmin.

We are seeing an economic recession with this pandemic BUT the one place we cannot cut corners is cybersecurity. According to a recent report from Flexera59% of companies surveyed plan on increasing their spending on cloud services in the post-pandemic world, with 30% of companies planning to spend “significantly” more. Although, keep in mind just like us cybercriminals too are adapting to advancing technology and are probably a step ahead of organizations still discovering best practices surrounding cloud security.

While cybercriminals heavily rely on phishing to target cloud systems, the most common is remote exploitation of cloud applications per IBM’s “Cloud Threat Landscape Report“. The good news is 01 Communique’s, I’m In Touch paired with IronCAP’s encryption and technology can protect you from all cybercrimes, malware and ransomware attacks. Our technology has already been put to test at a hackathon with bulletproof encryption and we are confident that our technology will protect you now and in the near quantum world. Cybersecurity has never been easier, IronCAP seamlessly integrates into existing systems and provides you quantum security too.


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Swift Transformation In CyberSecurity Priorities

According to McKinsey’s recent report cybersecurity technology is working to support current business needs: business continuity, remote work, and planning for transition to the next normal.

In these challenging times cybersecurity organizations are struggling to help support businesses; companies have adopted new strategies to keep up with customer’s shifting needs and to establish new ways of doing business. The bigger challenge will be to succeed in the post-COVID-19 era, wherein providers need to adopt new strategies to fit the new security landscape.

Currently companies turn to using VPN but this comes with its weaknesses, a VPN establishes too much trust between the remote user and the corporate network allowing bad actors to gain access to the entire corporate network. Recent reports show spiking threat levels in spear-phishing attacks, including a near-sevenfold increase since the start of the pandemic.

In the post-COVID era cybersecurity will need to fulfill two criteria’s, bulletproof encryption and affordable pricing. IronCAP has both, it is cost-effective and provides a solid encryption with its unique cryptographic technology. The idea at IronCAP is to make it easy for businesses to protect their data and seamlessly integrate our new technology, bonus it is also quantum-safe.
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Encrypting Digital Payments In A Quantum World

A $4.1 trillion-dollar ecosystem, the cashless economy has brought massive benefits and disruption everywhere. There is no doubt that the world is rapidly embracing digitalization. China is introducing their own digital/payment currency and other major currencies are watching closely to follow suit. The payments landscape has dramatically changed with the rise in cashless innovations, now more than ever due to the global pandemic.

Speaking of massive disruption…quantum computers are here and they will be a million times faster than conventional computers, which means they can crack codes and hack data in seconds. Let’s connect the dots, combine digital payments and quantum hacking that will lead to a man-made DISASTER! Now more than ever we need a bulletproof encryption to communicate freely.

The GOOD NEWS is that we already have a bulletproof encryption, IronCAP.
IronCAP provides the safest encryption for your data, now and in the quantum future. It is the world’s most proven and unhacked quantum-safe data encryption. The best part about IronCAP is that it was designed to “bolt on”, it will seamlessly integrate with existing systems and also work for conventional computers.

Technology evolves every day and we are at the brink of a cyber cold war; it is time to armor up and be quantum-safe…IronCAP is the best technology out there.

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Gartner predicts demise of Virtual Private Network

Gartner’s June 2019 analysis predicts that 60% of enterprises will phase out their Remote Access VPN by 2023 replacing it with Zero-Trust Network Access. The global pandemic and “work from home” makes VPN even more vulnerable, more than ever.

This week we saw countless criticisms of VPN protocol; now under constant attack by bad actors thanks to the massive move to work from home. The VPN’s flaw is that it establishes too much trust between the remote user and the corporate network. Now bad actors can hack into the remote computer to gain access to the entire corporate network. Phishing is the easiest and most popular method for hackers but IronCAP X can stop that with (quantum-safe) end-to-end encryption and digital signatures on emails.

To stay safe we must  eliminate VPN and switch to a zero-trust remote control technology such as I’m InTouch. This is Zero-Trust Network Access allowing remote devices to login to a gateway for initial authentication requiring a multi-factor system. Only then can the user access the specific system they are authorized too. An effective zero-trust system like, I’m In Touch, will disallow any illegal access on the remote device or network and protect your network 100% of the time!

So the best coffin for bad actors and malware is the Zero-Trust Network Access solution such as I’m InTouch paired with IronCAP X quantum-safe encryption and digital signatures. Don’t get caught phishing again…upgrade to Zero-Trust Network Access, says Andrew Cheung and incorporate a quantum-safe encryption IronCAP X while you are at it.

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National Security Agency Issues VPN Warnings

How safe are VPNs? Not so much according to the National Security Agency warning issued today!

The NSA issued a new cybersecurity advisory today warning people against Virtual Private Networks’s (VPN). They could be at high risk for cyberattacks if not secured correctly and many are insecure as the risks of cyberattacks rise.

The NSA’s advisory said VPN gateways in particular are “prone to network scanning, brute force attacks, and zero-day vulnerabilities. [N]etwork administrators should implement strict traffic filtering rules to limit the ports, protocols, and IP addresses of network traffic to VPN devices.”

Andrew Cheung, Visionary and CEO of IronCAP, wanted to build something safer. The vision was to not just protect your data now but also armour for the quantum world. IronCAP protects your data with its unique cryptographic technology and seamlessly integrates with existing systems. The World’s most proven quantum-safe encryption that’s available to anyone.

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