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It’s not just a New Year Wish – We can make Phishing Scams Outdated in 2022

According to a new research by Venafi, nearly 60% of security professionals believe that the threat of ransomware should be treated with the same urgency as terrorism.  A survey among 1500 IT security decision-makers from around the globe revealed the growing concerns about the scale and damage of ransomware attacks, which have surged during the COVID-19 crisis.

As per Infosecurity Magazine, 67% respondents from organizations with over 500 employees experienced a ransomware attack over the past 12 months.  For organizations with 3000-4999 employees, that figure rose to an astonishing 80%.  Let’s not forget the ransom demands are a very small fraction of the total damage – business shut downs, loss of invaluable data, the PR costs and reputational damage can be up to 100X the ransom price tag.

Current ransomware protection tools are a band aid.  Education on email security best practices are useful BUT only comprehensive end-to-end encryption and digital signatures will protect your data against phishing.  This new year let’s join forces to put an end to phishing scams.  With IronCAP X™, you can send end-to-end encrypted emails without it being stored on a third-party server along the route.  AND you can digitally sign the email so your recipients can easily distinguish a legit email from an impersonated one.  PLUS IronCAP X™ is quantum-safe so it protects your sensitive data now and in the fast approaching quantum future.  So why wait?

Free yourself from phishers.  Get IronCAP X™ FREE for personal use or learn about our business options at



Joseph Steinberg
Infosecurity Magazine