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Tired of Receiving Notification of Junk Mails?

If you are one of the hundreds of millions public email users who want to be notified whenever an email arrives but are tired of receiving notification of those Junk Mails or unimportant messages, you should try our I’m InTouch GoMail free app for iPhone and Android devices.

Make no mistake. Notificaiton is a great feature because you want to know immediately when an important message arrives. However, no email filter is perfect so your inbox is always filled with important messages along with unimportant ones as well as some junks. Enabling notification to your mobile device means you will receive a beep whenever something arrives into your inbox whether it’s an urgent one or not, or even junks.

I’m InTouch GoMail allows you to setup a “notification list”. It actually verifies the sender’s address in the Inbox of your Outlook and intelligentlys send out notification only if the address is in your “notification list”. For example, you have entered “” onto the notification list. Then only messages sent from this email address will trigger a notification to your mobile device.Notification