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The Ultimate Mobile Email!!

Available for free from Apple AppStore and Google Play, I’m InTouch GoMail is an app that mobilizes your Outlook and lets you keep all your inbound and outbound emails securely on your own computer.

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This means from your mobile device you can insert attachments from your computer or save inbound attachments onto your computer without having to leave them on any third party’s cloud storage. Hence, it maximizes data security/privacy with no third party storage fee.

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Since I’m InTouch GoMail actually remote controls your Outlook at the office computer to read and send emails, no attachment files or emails are stored on your mobile device.  This not only saves a lot of data usage but also being ultimately secure because nothing is compromised even if your mobile device is stolen.

With a smart notification feature, you can configure your I’m InTouch GoMail to receive real-time alerts at your mobile device when emails from certain pre-defined senders arrive at your Outlook.  This means no more alert on unimportant or junk mails.

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Before you can use I’m InTouch GoMail, you must first activate your Outlook computer to become I’m InTouch-enabled. The activation process is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click here to create a Free Account. Then from the computer you wish to activate, go to Login to the I’m InTouch account you have just created and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the Outlook computer.