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Can you survive a cyber war today?

If a cyber war happened TODAY can we survive? We have come so far with technological advancements but yet cannot survive a cyber war today. Hackers in the shadowy world armed with viruses and tools can possibly disrupt the computer systems that manage real-world infrastructure, such as electricity, water supply, transportation, banking systems, hospitals, airports, and the list goes on.

Absolutely nothing is off limits. A few weeks ago, hackers breached a water treatment plant in Florida with failed attempts to increase the toxic level of the water supply. Fortunately there was no catastrophic damage. But will you always be that lucky? In the past one year, we saw an array of ransomware attacks on hospitals, travel agencies, WHO, tech firms and cyber consultants. The most “famous” one is perhaps the large-scale Solar Winds cyberattack in December 2020. At least nine federal agencies and over 100 companies in the US were compromised. Government agencies and top cyber consultants are still uncovering the extent of the attack, the damage caused and the potential lingering risks. It is believed that more victims would be identified.

Solar Winds was a real eye opener! Proof that nothing is off limits for hackers. They can and they will reach you! 2020 showed us a glimpse of the power hackers hold or shall I say, a reality check on our weak security systems.

Government agencies, CEO’s and policymakers are rattled by security vulnerabilities today. How much worse the situation will become when quantum computing arrives is beyond imagination. Therefore, we need to strengthen our security systems and prepare for the quantum future, which is just around the corner. A quantum hack will be nothing less of a catastrophic event unless we are quantum-safe TODAY. IronCAP has built a unique quantum-safe encryption solution for individuals and businesses. Its unique, patent-pending cryptographic technology is designed to operate on conventional computer systems while at the same time safeguard attacks from quantum computers. It is proven secure at a hackathon, vetted by industry experts and is low-cost.

Prevention is better than cure! Adopting quantum-safe encryption NOW is the ultimate prevention. Act today to build a powerful cybersecurity strategy with IronCAP.

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Board of Directors’ Risk Oversight Responsibilities on Cybersecurity

The vast majority of organizations around the globe rely heavily on digital technology to function.  We certainly require good cybersecurity that protects the ability to function safely, and ensures organizations can exploit the opportunities that technology brings. Cybersecurity is therefore central to an organization’s health and resilience, and this places it firmly within the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

New regulations (such as GDPR) as well as high profile media coverage on the impact of cyber incidents have raised the expectations of partners, shareholders, customers and the wider public. Organizations, especially their board members, have to get a firm grip on cybersecurity.

What conscientious manager or owner would leave their valuable premises unguarded and assets unlocked? The answer is no one! Data is our most valuable asset and leaving it with weak encryption leads to asset theft, financial failure, bankruptcy and lawsuits. End-to-end encryption is simply locking the premises securely and protecting our assets from data theft. Additionally, the biggest outlier today is Quantum computing which will soon have the power to crack all current encryption such as RSA and attack all digital assets.

Since encryption is the last line of defense from cyberattacks, the minimum “base case” requirement for security today is quantum-safe, end-to-end encryption. Companies and their board members should demand for its implementation, and that search will lead them to IronCAP, the only “shovel ready” quantum-safe encryption that’s available today.

You can adopt IronCAP along with top cyber consultants now. Checkout:

You Need Quantum-Safe End-To-End Encryption

Let’s dive right into it. The idea of end-to-end encryption is to encrypt (protect) your data till it reaches the intended recipient: only the sender and the receiver can read the message; not even the service provider can view the message.

Many platforms are “encrypted” but you need to understand that not all are “end-to-end encrypted”. A simple example is Facebook messenger. When you communicate with someone through Facebook messenger, your message is encrypted and goes from you to Facebook and then from Facebook to your contact.  But in this process of encryption Facebook still holds access to the key that can decrypt your message.  They are able to view the contents of your message if they want to. For real end-to-end encryption the service provider will not hold the key that can decrypt your message. Only the sender and the recipient can read the message/data.

In today’s highly digitized world we are, consciously or unconsciously, sharing all kinds of messages and data online, whether it be a friendly invite, financial data or corporate contracts. End-to-end encryption is the solution to your fading privacy.

But here is a twist…whether you are a cybersecurity geek or not, you have surely heard of the various quantum advancements in 2020 alone. The rapid acceleration of quantum advancements threatens our current encryption algorithms. This means whether your messages or data are encrypted or even end-to-end encrypted, you are most certainly vulnerable to quantum hacking.

So, the ultimate route to privacy and data protection is using quantum-safe, end-to-end encryption!

We are knee deep into a quantum race, not just among companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM, or Honeywell but also among countries like the USA, Germany, Russia and China. There are reports from different sources that these countries are investing billions of dollars in researches to race to achieve quantum supremacy. Quantum computers could very well crack traditional encryption such as RSA SOON. The urgency to get our current cybersecurity quantum-safe is imminent.

IronCAP X is the world’s first commercially available quantum-safe, end-to-end email/file encryption software. It allows users to encrypt sensitive emails such as those sent by government, financial or legal institutions, and protect their personal or business data.  A key feature of IronCAP X is the digital signature of emails to confirm the sender’s identity.  This feature can shut down the source of most malicious activities such as ransomware attacks and phishing email scams.

Becoming quantum-safe 1-year-too-early or 1-year-too-late is everything.  Join top cyber consultants to become quantum-safe with IronCAP today.

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NetWalker Ransomware Attack was Preventable

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone go online more than ever: for work, schools, shopping and for entertainment.  The surge in digital communications and the shift to remote working and learning online have at the same time skyrocketed the risk of cyberattacks.  Besides implementing new information technology systems to adopt new remote working and administrative practices, cyber risk management definitely requires the highest level of attention from all industries and organizations now.

Recently the NetWalker ransomware attacks were brought down. According to Threatpost, the U.S. Department of Justice has brought charges against a Canadian national, Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins of Gatineau, in relation to NetWalker ransomware attacks and also seized US $455,000 in cryptocurrency from ransom payments. That is not all…Sebastien allegedly has obtained illegally over $27.6 million from ransomware victims.

2020 has witnessed a tsunami of many such ransomware and phishing attacks. This is about to blow up even more with the rapid advancements of quantum computing alongside quantum hacking.  Let’s connect the dots: our current (weak) security systems and quantum hacking will lead to a man-made DISASTERS!  It is imperative to have an airtight quantum-safe encryption that will allow us to communicate safely.  We need an encryption that can prevent cyberattacks today as well as in the quantum future.

The GOOD NEWS is there is already an airtight end-to-end, quantum-safe encryption solution available today – IronCAP X.

IronCAP X is a new quantum-safe email and file encryption software that will let you authenticate and digitally sign your email.  It provides the safest, end-to-end, quantum-safe encryption for your data now and in the quantum future. The best part about IronCAP X is that it is FREE for personal usage and effectively protects you from all phishing scams. We know technology evolves every day and we are at the brink of a cyber cold war.  So why not armor up, get your IronCAP X today and be quantum-safe.

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