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Your Cybersecurity Wake-up Calls from SolarWinds, Microsoft Hacks and now PM Boris Johnson

The Economic Times reported on March 14th, 2021 that Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister said, “Britain needs to boost its capacity to conduct cyber-attacks on foreign enemies…Cyber power is revolutionizing the way we live our lives and fight our wars, just as air power did 100 years ago.” This statement coupled with the recent SolarWinds and Microsoft hacks indicates how damaging cyberattacks can be and how weak our cybersecurity systems are at the moment.

Cyberattacks will catastrophically amplify in the post-quantum world which is not far from now. It is evident that countries like the USA, Germany, Russia and China are investing billions of dollars in researches to race to achieve quantum supremacy. Tech giants such as IBM, Google, Amazon and Honeywell are significantly multiplying their quantum power each year. In December 2020, China reported massive progress in its quantum research; claimed quantum supremacy and will continue to invest in the future of quantum computing. Current encryption systems such as RSA will fail in the quantum era.

IronCAP has foreseen these cyber threats from the quantum sector. It has therefore developed a unique, quantum-safe cryptographic encryption to secure conventional computer systems and protect against attacks from quantum computers as well as conventional computers. It is built on a 40-year-old time-tested Goppa code-based methodology and has been rigorously tested time and again. IronCAP has been reviewed by leading researchers in the field, passed the due diligence of its big-name business partners and has also survived a global hackathon in 2019. Another CAD 100K Bounty Contest, sponsored by one of its global partners is now underway. Over 700 participants from around the world are currently trying diligently to challenge IronCAP’s encryption and so far, IronCAP remains UNCRACKED. Final results will be announced on March 22nd, 2021. We are confident that IronCAP will show the world again it’s the best-in- class cryptography and will be the cyber security of the future.

IronCAP is the armor for your data!

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Data loss should worry investors

Cyberattacks are not new to our world but disturbingly they have skyrocketed in the last year. To a certain extent, COVID-19 has forced everybody to work remotely and hence exposed the vulnerabilities of our existing security systems which resulted in heavy data plus financial losses. The damages that cyberattacks can do to a company have awaken investors. They realize the value of good cybersecurity and want companies to make it their top priority. This is no longer just a tech department issue. Investors need to demand companies to adopt the best cybersecurity solutions.

A company’s future can be evaluated on the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors. These factors help to measure the sustainability as well as better predict the financial performance of a company.

In the past year cybersecurity threats have brought social and governance chaos around the globe. In fact, reports from McAfee suggested that cyberattacks could cost the global economy around USD 400 billion annually. This data should have alerted CEOs, policymakers and investors to put cybersecurity as their top priority. Let me explain why cyberattacks are a significant risk factor that investors should consider:

1. A cyberattack leads to significant amount of data loss or files corrupted which disrupts day-to-day functions of a business.

2. A company that suffers a cyberattack will likely have its customer data compromised leading to the downgrade or total loss of customer trust.

3. With constant regulatory changes, a company could be subjected to heavy lawsuits.

We believe it is crucial that an investor be fully aware of these risks and be involved in ways to mitigate them.

Having foreseen this catastrophic problem, IronCAP has built the perfect solution to prevent cyberattacks today and in the quantum future. IronCAP’s unique, patent-pending cryptography is based on the 40-year-old, time tested Goppa code-based system. With an improvement in the cryptographic process, IronCAP is faster and most importantly, quantum-safe. It can be used to secure email/file encryption, blockchain, 5G/IoT, remote access/VPN, cloud storage and many other verticals. IronCAP’s cryptography will safeguard your data today and in the quantum future.

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