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IronCAP’s $100,000 Hackathon Closes, IronCAP Proves Un-Hackable!

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After much anticipation, IronCAP’s hackathon has come to a close. 517 entrants from around the world patiently wait to hear the results, as do our investors and partners.
We are so excited to announce that not a single hacker was able to crack IronCAP’s encryption! Despite 30 days to adequately study, test and hack IronCAP’s encryption, IronCAP’s encryption engine stood strong.

To our knowledge, IronCAP is the first quantum safe encryption product to successfully survive a hackathon challenge. This hackathon has shown customers and partners that IronCAP is the best choice for post-quantum encryption.

Developments in the quantum computing space are announced weekly. More large companies are entering the space of developing quantum computers (e.g. Intel) and making them more accessible to the world (e.g. Amazon Braket). The implications of stronger chips and greater accessibility are that the need for protection grows by the day. Don’t let your company become vulnerable to these powerful machines because you started your migration efforts too late.

01 Communique is leading quantum safe encryption and working with new customers, partners and investors every day. If you would like to begin integrating IronCAP into your security suite, or partner with us, email to get started.
For more information about our hackathon, see our infographic –