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I’m InTouch Helps You Support Remote Workers

Do you have workers who travel frequently or often work away from the office setting? Given the proper resources, a computer, an Internet connection and access to the company’s internal network, more and more people are opting to work from home or other remote locations. All these remote workforce puts forward increasing challenges to your IT Service desktop support them.

Make Services Available 24/7

The more scattered your workforce becomes; the more crucial it is to provide services around the clock. With the I’m InTouch service, your remote staff would have 24/7 access to their host systems in the office. And with our patented technology, there is no need for costly VPNs to be configured and maintained.

Security Measures

Traveling workers also pose greater security threats, because their devices are constantly at risk of being lost, stolen, or broken. If they use I’m InTouch to remotely work on their office PC’s, all data remains secure on your office premise. They don’t need to duplicate files and data onto their laptops. So there is no worry about confidential information being leaked if their laptop/mobile devices are lost or stolen.  This along with the 256-bit SSL Data Encryption, Dual Login Passwords and other security measures, I’m InTouch provides you with a safe and secure remote access solution.

Managing remote employees has its challenges but with the I’m InTouch service, businesses can provide a tool that supports their remote workforce easily and efficiently.

How To Add Attachments to Your Emails Remotely?

Have you ever been concerned about having all your emails stored at an ISP’s servers? Where once breached, all your private data is compromised. Or have you ever wanted to check an email that you received at your home PC while out on a remote location? How about adding an attachment from your local computer while composing an email remotely?

Now free, with our new I’m InTouch GoMail App, you will be able to View/Send/Reply/Forward Outlook emails from your IOS or Android device remotely and still have all your activities completely logged on your Outlook locally. Also you will receive notifications of new emails received at your Outlook to your Mobile device.  Plus, only with our new I’m InTouch GoMail App, you will be able to add attachments and save attachments to/from the local PC that you are accessing from your Mobile device.

With all your email activity kept locally, you will not have to worry about any privacy breach at your ISP.


How Do I Get the I’m InTouch GoMail App?

-          I’m InTouch GoMail can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play (Available in October!)

* Your Outlook computer must be I’m InTouch-enabled

How Does It work?

-          The I’m InTouch Desktop software must be installed on your host pc (The PC that you want to have access to remotely).

-          Make sure Outlook is configured as your mail client for I’m InTouch on this host pc.

-          From your mobile device, use I’m InTouch GoMail to log into your I’m InTouch PC and you will now be able to View/Send/Reply/Forward and add/save attachments locally from your IOS\Android device. (During first time access, you will be prompted to register that mobile device to receive notifications).


Main Features of I’m InTouch GoMail

Attachment Handling:   We are the only app that will allow users to remotely add attachments from the local host PC. At the same time, the user will be able to save attachments received in emails to the local PC.

Local Security: With the emails all being stored on your local host pc, you don’t need to worry about a privacy breach at your ISP anymore.


With the I’m InTouch GoMail app and the I’m InTouch Remote Access Software, you no longer have to worry about confidential messages possibly being compromised at an ISP, yet you can check and respond to your email anywhere anytime. Together with the ability to add and save attachments from the host PC while on your mobile device, gives I’m InTouch users a versatile worry free remote email tool.

How To Remotely Access Your Desktop On An Android Tablet

01 Commuique, a leading manufacturer of innovative remote desktop solutions in North America makes it easy for mobile users to access their desktops remotely.

The I’m InTouch Go is a newly developed remote desktop app that was released after the launch of remote desktop control software. It allows I’m InTouchusers to access their remote computer from their mobile devices.

Our I’m InTouch remote PC access enables users to open up their computers with our software of remote desktop for android tablet.

How does the remote desktop for Android tablet work

Once the remote desktop software has been installed into your home or office computer, you will be at once able to get remote access via the mobile device.

  • Download the remote desktop app from Google Play onto your Android tablet.
  • Next, you will have to start the I’m InTouch Go app on your Android device and select one of the options to access the I’m InTouch-enabled computer (Access by the computer name or by the login ID and password)
  • Once you access the I’m InTouch-enabled computer, you will be able to view and manage all the files, information and the programs located at the I’m InTouch-enabled computer when you need it, no matter where you are located.

The Remote Desktop App For Android

Our software for remote PC access is designed specifically for Android users to remotely access the I’m InTouch-enable computer, so that you are able to:

  • Change the settings on the host computer.
  • Listen to audio files or watch the videos played at the host computer.
  • Restart the host computer.
  • Wake-up the computer if it has been turned off.
  • Perform any task while on the move as if you are directly accessing the computer.

The app has been launched in conjunction with the iPad/iPhone app and both the applications have the same features and usability.

Download The Remote Desktop App

The remote desktop app is available for download from Google Play. You will be able to instantly install the remote desktop connection app on the device, thereby simplifying the task of getting the remote access to the desktop.

In addition to downloading the free remote desktop app, new users will be able to get a free 30 day trial version of the remote desktop software from 01 Communique.

How the I’m InTouch Go Remote Computer Access Works?

There are 2 components that will establish a remote desktop connection

There will be a remote control software that is installed on the PC that you wish to access remotely.

I’m InTouch patented technology that will track and connect you to the PC via Internet.

It’s quite easy to gain access to your remote desktop on an Android device

Step #1: Install the I’m InTouch software into the PC that you want to access remotely

You could use your Android phone. The only configuration that you will need to selecting the computer name and other login information.

Step #2: Log in to your remote desktop with the help of the I’m InTouch Go app

You could use any mobile device with Android and an Internet connection to access the PC at a distant location. Simply login to your remote desktop using the I’m InTouch Go app and enter the computer name and login information.

Step #3: You are now ready to access your PC

Once the above mentioned steps are performed, you are ready to enjoy unperturbed access to the PC at a distant place.

Setting up the software and getting up and running just takes a few minutes. Not only do you connect quickly, but our software provides secure access to your PC.

Prominent features of the I’m InTouch Go App:

PC Remote Control: It allows you to login to your computer from a distant place with your Android device with internet connection.

Central Administration: The central administration from I’m InTouch will allow you to manage and access all the computers with the I’m InTouch computers from a single device.

Pocket PC Remote Control: Your pocket PC android device will allow you to connect to the PC. With the remote desktop connection, you will be able to run the files as if you were sitting in front of the PC.

File Management: You are able to transfer files to and from your Android device with the help of the File Transfer feature available with the software.

Remote Audio: The remote audio support will allow users to listen to music, watch videos, and run those programs that require sound during the remote control session.

Smart Remote Desktop Viewer: Through the remote desktop connection, our Smart Remote Desktop Viewer will ensure that your distant desktop is intelligently scaled to be accessed on other device.

Multi Monitor Support: Why do you need to use only one monitor when you could use 2 or 3. The I’m InTouch remote desktop software will support multi monitor setup on your host computer.

Full Customization: There are a variety of privacy and functionality options that allow you to customize the way your PC behaves while the remote session is running.

Who Could Use The I’m InTouch Go App

Mobile Workers: You could create a remote desktop connection and get access to programs, applications, files on your home or office PC anytime.

PDA Users: You are able to receive immediate notifications of new emails that arrive at your office or home PC.

Sales Professionals: They could access confidential client information stored in a distant PC securely with the help of your Android device.


The wide range of I’m InTouch products allow remote access and control service that will allow individuals remote access, and they will never feel away from the office or home to access the information and essential business tools. With our softwares, numerous companies have experienced the ease and security that we have to provide.

Topic: How To Remotely Access A PC Within An Organization

Ever felt the need to get some of the files stored on your workstation while you are in some other area of your workplace? Do you need a quick review of a report stored in your workstation PC that’s required in the meeting in the conference room? Want to know how to remote access a PC? You could configure the computers so that they could be accessible from almost all the areas of your office premises via any other computer. There is a myriad of ways to do this that includes built-in tools, downloadable programs, and browser-based extensions. However, one easiest way to access the main PC is provided by 01 Communique – I’m InTouch Server Edition.

This innovative application from the house of 01 Communique enables business houses to assemble a premise-based remotely accessible solution that provides the employees with the most secure connection to virtually any PC around the premise from anywhere. Adept administrative controls allow administrators to configure and manage the connection to their computers as and when required.

 The one-of-its-class Remote Wake-Up technology allows the machines to be remotely accessed even if they are required to shut down. You would never be restricted to access your computer when you need it just because it was not switched on. The Server Edition tends to enhance the productivity of employees by ensuring that they do not face any roadblocks, and maximize the overall performance by providing effective remote desktop solutions.

The server edition of our best-selling remote software from 01 Communique is specifically designed for the businesses that require a gateway server housed on their premises.

The authorized employees of your organization are able to access by logging into the office computers with our secure web based remote desktop software. This in turn helps for increased productivity, flexibility, and affordability.

Why Do You Need The Server Edition

I’m InTouch remote desktop software’s server edition could be highly beneficial for large businesses that store huge volumes of confidential data on in-house servers housed in the business premises. So, the time when the question arises about how to remote access a PC, you know where you should be heading. Here are some basic applications of our software.

Some major applications are:

  • It enables the employees to access important data that is stored on a workplace server from anywhere at anytime.
  • It helps mobile workers respond to their customers at the earliest.
  • It helps in cutting down the overall IT costs, any additional installation, and deducts the complexities involved in technology for huge organizations.
  • The organization could monitor the activities by deriving the details of their accessing sessions.

The salient features of our program

  • It works with Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit).
  • It comes with Secured Socket Layer (256-bit) encryption.
  • It is an affordable, and a convenient remote desktop solution, giving you all business information on your fingertips, regardless of where you are.
  • After installing the software at the business premise, your authorized employee could securely login to remotely control the PC’s within the office using the screen-sharing technology.
  • The connection is available to virtually any PC to traveling employees, IT Staff, telecommuters. The feel is similar to what you have when you work on your office PC. I’m InTouch is a U.S. patented technology with the numbers 6,928,479 & 6,938,076 that doesn’t require any pre-configured software on your device that is being used to login to the distant computer. What you need is the internet connection and the internet browser. Not only computers, but you could also use cell phones and wireless devices with internet access that could be used to login and remotely manage email and view files that reside at the office computer.

The Ease Of Working With Our Server Edition

There are numerous benefits of going with our software as compared to our competitors. We tend to ease up the whole process for our customers, who swear by the convenience of our services.

One-time license purchase

Depending on the number of PC’s for which you require a connection. However, you just need to purchase the license one time. It is an affordable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional VPN solutions.

Web based remote access

You could access the distant computer from any Internet browser. Thus, this eliminates the requirement to pre-configure the device that you are using to login with a specific software, in order to get access to remotely access the PC’s in your office.


I’m InTouch Server gateway ensures complete security for functioning behind your firewall or within the DMZ and also utilizes the standard Internet Ports 80 & 443 for all host PC to server communications. This eliminates the hassle of port forwarding to reach the PCs on internal networks and dynamic DNS solutions.

Easy Deployment

It is quite convenient to install the our server version within your user accounts, and network. The users are automatically invited to set up the remote access once you enter the employee’s email address in their account profile. The employees will simply need to download and run the InTouch enabling software on their PC and within a matter of time, they will be able to use the system. Users will be able to log in and work on PC as if they are physically present in front of the computer, thus eliminating the need of former training.

Highly Reachable

All the required administrative functions are available with I’m InTouch SE that establishes a communication between the remote user and the host desktop PC. All major processing is carried out in the host desktop. The unique “Distributed Processing” makes sure that a single server has the capacity of handling 500 – 2000 users, depending on the specific server hardware configuration.

Remote Wake-up Functionality

When starting a remote session, remote employees could Wake-up the previously shut down PC. With the help of the patent pending technology, an employee is able to log into the SE Wake-Up Server that find its PC on LAN and could put it on to enable a remote session.

Centralized management of the system

The software allows system administrator to conveniently add, delete, and manage users. They could also control user restrictions, allowing them to access only those features that you like. The system also lets you pull out usage reports of all users.

Equipped with 01 Communique innovative remote access technology, I’m InTouch SE comes with standard features, plus the additional security features including:

  • Standard firewall ports (80 & 443) in order to eliminate the chances of port forwarding.
  • Data and passwords will not be stored on a gateway server.
  • Authentication required to prevent the other PCs on the network to remotely access the main PC.
  • The office computer is featured with the preservation of O S-level access controls.
  • Login history available of all the remote sessions and the usage reports for all the users is available.
  • User-level restrictions such as time of the file access.

The Advantage Of Remote PC Access

Our customers swear by the dynamism and flexibility of the remote computer access software. We provide an innovative remote access that has been devised to satisfy the needs of corporate employees who need a secure access to the information stored at a remote place within the organization.

Follows the Current Security Standards

The remote desktop access software adapts to the existing security policies and uses the current security settings. The server gateway inside your premise is installed behind the firewall or within the DMZ for enhanced security.

User Friendly Tools

Mobile and remote workers are able to get full remote PC access to the desktop views and have complete control so that they could transfer files, print documents locally, and view audio and video files. In addition to that, they are also able to run the desktop programs on the remote PC, perform online training and more.


The total cost of ownership is quite less than the competitors’ products. In addition to that, there are fewer server hardware assembled, and the labor required is significantly low. We also offer affordable software upgrades and a pay-per-computer licensing model.


The requirements of a business house in terms of technology need to be satiated to ensure smooth functioning of all departments and the tasks to be carried out. With the help of the remote computer software, numerous tasks could be carried out efficiently while being on the move, and not being physically present in front of the required computer. Check out the various features pertaining to different I’m InTouch software and select the one that best suits your needs.

I’m InTouch Remote Desktop Software – Fast, Secure, Convenient Remote Desktop Solution

Technically, a remote desktop is a term used for an application or an operating system that allows the desktop environment of a personal computer to be run remotely, while it is being displayed on a client device. There are multiple features of a this application. Some would allow attaching to an existing user’s session and remote controlling it. Taking over a desktop at a remote location is one form of remote administration.

For business houses and individuals who have been baffled by one question, “how to remotely connect to another computer?”, the answer partially lies in the question itself. Remote access could also be understood as a remote control of a particular computer, along with other connected device that is equipped with internet. One form of this application is widely used by numerous computer manufacturers and large businesses’ customer support, which helps them in troubleshooting their customers’ problems by having a look into their PC remotely. There are also various professional first-party, third-party, freeware and open source applications, some of which are also cross-platform and works across various versions of  Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X.

What is the Remote Desktop Help Desk application From 01 Communique?

I’m OnCall is a convenient and secure application that would auto-configure a temporary connection into the customer’s computer or a Mac system without the need of any pre-installed program. This enables quick and efficient solution to the customer’s IT and technical support issues with one demand PC and Mac remote control. An exceptional live support that will truly win you accolades of your customers, is now possible with this application as resellers, IT helps desks, software dealers and other technical and support organizations could all benefit with diverse features of this revolutionary application.

It is an affordable, and secure online program that allows all kinds of businesses simplify their online live support through the internet.

Why Big Companies Choose Us?

With our application, support organizations easily access and support nearly all the computers. Troubleshoot PC’s, and servers, provide remote assistance, train remote employees, or perform system maintenance. All this is possible with the highest levels of security.

  • IT Service Desk: Access, control, and troubleshoot remote desktops, servers, and mobile devices, no matter what the operating system or network location is.
  • Customer Support: Chat, co-browse, and provide remote assistance to your customers.
  • Vendor Remote Access: Manage, empower, and audit third-party vendors and IT support services companies with privileged access to your corporate network.

The Benefits of Using Our Program

I’m OnCall is a totally web based program solution that has all the powerful features to meet the demands of businesses of any size. With our application, you could offer numerous options to your customers in order to help them get solutions to their problems in a matter of time. Here are some benefits of help desk software from 01 Communique.

You are at once helping the cause of raising your customer satisfaction ratings and competitive advantage when you start using the I’m OnCall program in your customer support department. Our software helps you cut down the time it takes to resolve the pain-points of your customer with state-of-the-art superior remote supporting technology, while reducing the overall service cost.

Why You Should Be Using The Our Software?

There is a myriad of applications of this software. However, for a support organization, what really matters is how they could save the time, and ensure the task to be carried out smoothly and efficiently. Similarly for the customers, the main concern is how quickly they could get a solution to their problems. The ability of our program to satisfy the needs of both the parties effectively is what makes our program an instant hit among numerous customers around the globe.

Companies across almost all the industries are now understanding the importance of a web based help desk program that allows to remotely connect to a computer and troubleshoot the problem. This ensures safe, efficient, and superior provision of remote support and customer service.

Equipping the service employees with an integrated remote desktop program is quite easy with the multiple benefits of our software:

  • Convenient: With the customer’s permission, the service representative is given an auto-configured temporary internet connection access to help customers troubleshoot the problem or solve the problems themselves.
  • Easy To The Pocket: I’m OnCall is priced per license and has very minimal upfront costs. Unlimited remote support session means that you will never exceed the monthly limit and each license will be shared between different users at different times.
  • Branded: Give the customers the best experience with a branded interface that would include the logo without actually having to develop the program.

Create A Customer-Centric Experience

A very well designed web based remote desktop program system will equip the service employees with the necessary tools to offer the best experience while quickly resolving technical and support issues.

Our survey has revealed that software vendors, and service providing companies that have implemented the software have noticed that their customer’s enjoy:

  • Enhanced resolution process for the problem
  • Reduced call times
  • Improved customer service

In simple terms, all the companies that use the advanced tools to enhance their online support service are able to provide an  exceptional customer experience that surpasses all expectations, and the competitors. When you go with our program, you take the whole experience several steps ahead.

The award winning I’m OnCall program is based on the patented remote software technology of 01 Communique, ensuring a cost-effective, on-demand help desk management solution.

With very low upfront costs to integrate this program into your service department, I’m OnCall has undoubtedly become the most sought after software today.

Who Could Use it?

It is for all those who are asking how to remotely connect to another computer. The software is developed to work across and benefit many industries that requires them to offer online support. Check out the most common applications of our application on the basis of various industries below:


It helps in establishing a lucrative remote IP support and business for technical services. You are already facing increasing competition from vendors, who are in the process of devising new lines of business and sales channels for their own growth. With decreasing margins on the sales or hardware and application, you are now required to look at new services required by the market in order to grow your revenues and profits.  An on-demand remote technical support is just the right answer and one of the major growing business opportunities, and is essential in today’s market for the acquisition and retaining of new customers.

Internal Help Desk

The application makes it convenient to assist employees at any location around the world  right from the remote IT support for your PC. The downtime of the employees of your organization could prove to be the biggest problem and is the biggest contributor to the disruption of the business. The remote desktop platform provided by us ensures that the IT technicians of your organization and customer support technicians are easily in touch with each other to help resolve the customer’s concern quickly.

Independent Software Vendors

Instantly assist your customers with online support and training sessions. Customers don’t have all the time in the world to wait for you to improve your customer service. Customer’s decision framework, is highly dependent on how well their expectations are met. Is it convenient to help them in configuring and using the application? How well are you able to diagnose the main cause of the problem, and provide a solution for it. The customer is only concerned about how well the whole process is carried out online without much wait time.

For vendors, it is also essential to have a strong foundation for post-sales relationship, and your customer service is the key to the same. Ensure that the customers get the best of your service after sales with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Support Organizations

The revolutionary application from 01 Communique allows you to deliver exceptional customer service. You could quickly connect to the PC or Mac of your customer with our help desk application over the Internet and take full control of desktop remotely, within just seconds of their call.

Your customers trust you to support them, and thus they expect efficient, timely, and live customer support when they require it. They don’t have the patience at all when their computer is not working properly and expect you to provide quick solutions. I’m OnCall application helps you in establishing live customer support by connecting to the PC or the Mac of your customer, and take full remote desktop control. This helps in minimizing site visits and the time spent in pre-configuring the connection with the customer’s computer.

Managed Service Provider

You could automatically create a secure connection to the customer’s PC via internet within seconds of their  call.

A managed service provider (MSP) will help in managing and integrating the information technology components of businesses in the SMB market. This also includes overseeing the equipment, service for companies that are unable to constantly maintain their IT infrastructure. MSP’s most frequently deliver services on a subscription model, wherein customers will pay an annual or a monthly fee for the services.


The cut-throat competitive markets have made it very tough to increase the market share for many businesses, thus it has become increasingly important that your customers come back to you and they become your brand ambassadors. In order to ensure that this happens, you need to provide them with the best possible customer service and overall experience that will stay in their memories forever. Pre-sales and post-sales the customer should be able to trust you so that you could expect an ever-lasting relationship and become the promoters of your brands.

 In addition to that, it is vital that the employees within your organization carry out the technical communication effectively to ensure timely service for the customers. All these factors make it inevitable for your business to ensure that you assemble the best technology that cuts down numerous hassles and provide optimum results.

01 Communique has been a trusted brand for all remote desktop solutions for years and each product from our house is a master-piece in itself.

A Basic Guide To Understand The Working Of A Remote Desktop Connection

On how many occasions have you felt the need of accessing your desktop from a distant place while on a meeting or a family gathering? Or, if you are able to access the data from a distant PC, security of data might be your main concern?

Do not let these factors affect your work, as there is a safe and convenient solution available for accessing your desktop securely from a far away place. The I’m InTouch from 01 Communique offers completely secure applications for accessing desktop from a distant place.

Advantages of Using The Remote Access Software

  • This software helps in centralizing the desktop support for tasking and delivery amidst a wide assembly of computers that are separated by physical locations. Thus, it makes it integral for saving valuable time of organization. In addition to that, it cuts down communication time and certain costs. It also helps in attaining fast system administration service.
  • With this software, problems with an organization are addressed instantly, despite the administrator’s location at that point of time. The software also eliminates the need of large teams of IT administration at each location. Remote connection management becomes much more efficient by utilizing a server administrator.
  • At a more sophisticated level, the connection capacitates the business owner to access programs and files on his or her work computer while enjoying the vacation. Similarly, this effective business solution capacitates an employee to finish work at home using the files on the computer in the office premises located far away from their homes. For business owners and employees alike, the tool offers some great utility and flexibility that helps in getting the desired results regardless of location where they are currently. What more? It also helps in cutting down the operational costs.

Who All Could Use This Software?

Remote desktop services are cost-effective infrastructure platform for all types of organization, particularly those organizations with a mobile workforce, structured task workers or knowledge workers who need a flexible desktop or the application process, including contractors, offshore workers and office workers who require a free seating environment. These services could significantly cut down remote deployment costs if the company is supporting home workers or remote offices. In addition to that, organizations that are daunted by the complexity of this application or desktop refreshes could benefit from remote desktop services. The deployment will magically speed up if a user is provided access to a new desktop environment or application via a remote desktop software. The same stands true for organizations that are not able to are are not willing to re-write applications. A remote desktop service allows them to enable existing applications from remote employees, customers, and partners.

Some Common Questions Pertaining To Remote Desktop Software from 01 Communique

How To Use Remote Desktop Connection?

The software has to be installed on the PC you want to access from anyplace. During the installation process, you are required to select a ComputerName, login name and password. The patented technology of 01 Communique uses the ComputerName to find your PC throughout the web, and also determine the subscription status of your PC.

For activation, you could access your computer from any place. 01 Communique’s technology will quickly help In establishing connection between the device that you are currently using and the distant computer. Each connection is encrypted with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 256 bit key encryption to ensure complete security of your data. This same encryption technology is used for most online banking applications.

What are the key features of I’m InTouch?

For Administrators:

  • All the computers could be grouped into a single account
  • You could list all the computers on a single page
  • Quickly get access to any of your computers with one click
  • Get access to a dedicated account manager

For the End-user:

  • Any computer or wireless device enables secure access
  • Run your desktop programs from a PC or Pocket PC
  • Access and view files
  • Print documents on local printer
  • Transfer files between two different PCs
  • Listen to audio or access your video files from a distant PC.

What are the system requirements for the I’m InTouch Software?

The minimum system requirements for the this software are:

  • Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7 and 8
  • 40MB free disk space
  • Outlook Express 6.0+, Outlook 2000+, or Windows Mail email client with Email Services Options as Corporate or Workgroup
  • Support for POP3 or Exchange Mail servers (IMAP not supported)
  • “Always On” Internet connection (e.g. cable modem, DSL, ISDN, T1, or LAN)
  • Latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

For Remote Wake-Up

  • There are a minimum of 2 computers required by the software in order to establish connection on the same wired network. One computer works as the computer you wish to wake-up access and the other will act as the “Wake-Up Proxy” to send wake-up signals to your host computer.
  • The host computer’s BIOS and network card have to support Wake-Up on LAN (WOL), and it just has to be enabled in both the systems.
  • The Wake-Up proxy must be already powered on.

How Could I Ensure Security?

The combination of SecurePC, SecureKey, and I’m InTouch software ensures that you get many security advantages over laptops and other remote software programs.

Data Loss Prevention

How will your business recover from the loss of important data such as information from your customers, credit card number and more if a laptop that contains all this information has been lost? Think of how many customers are you going to lose as they will be shifting to some other company.

This kind of situation has already been faced by numerous companies. However, you don’t have to worry as the SecurePC s here to help you. Once your employees have the access to SecurePC remote access terminals instead of laptops. All the information stays secure in the office PC while the employees are accessing the information from the SecurePC.

Stop access from unauthorized persons

The biggest worry for businesses  when giving remote access to main PC is that someone else may get the login information, and hence anyone could control the computer from any location. The SecureKey allows users to add an extra measure by protecting against access through Physical Authentication.

With the help of SecureKey, physical authentication will allow the users to configure in such a way that their SecurePC and/or SecureKey is used during the remote access session. Even if someone knows the login information, he/she will not be able to get connected with the computer as they don’t have the “keys”.

Know The Details On The Working Of The Remote Computer

There are two main components for establishing the connection.

  • Remote control software that is installed on the PC you wish to get remote access.
  • I’m InTouch patented technology that helps in locating and connecting to the PC on Internet.

For those who would like to know how to use remote desktop connection, there is some good news. Gaining Remote Computer Access Is Quite Convenient Now

1.    Install the software on that PC you would like to remotely access

You could use any computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 operating system and Internet connection. Installation of the remote control software will take minutes and the only configuration that you are required to do is selecting the computer, enter the name and login information.

2.   Login to your PC at from any web browser from a distant location

You may use any computer, smartphone, or a tablet with an Internet connection and a web browser to connect PC. Next, you simply need to login to your PC by going to the website from any browser of your choice and input your computer name and login information.

3.   You are all set with the distant PC with I’m InTouch

Enjoy fast and secure remote access to a PC from any location at any given time making it easier for you to access files, programs, music, and video files from a distant located PC. You could use the remote computer software now to access the files and stay productive even while on the go.


The list of the features and benefits of this software would go on and on. Business houses over the globe, especially those where employees have to frequently go on business trips, know the true value of a software that enables to access data hassle-free from all locations.

The stalwarts of remote access program from 01 Communique

Do you feel stuck when you have not carried some of your important documents at an important meeting? Is it due to security concerns that you are not letting your executives access some important files? Do not let the location or security concerns decide your fate as there could be some important things that you may need to access from a far away location.

You know how slow and tedious it could be working with any remote software. However, at 01 Communique, we have encapsulated all the best features into I’m InTouch, which could be termed as the fastest remote desktop software. We have taken numerous considerations while making of this program to suffice the needs of users, and to make it compatible with modern computer hardware.


I’m InTouch is the fastest remote desktop software currently in the industry. It redefines usage scenarios, and the wide areas of application have never been possible with other softwares that are currently available.

The application is fully equipped with the necessary security to allow access to all your sensitive data stored in the office or home computer. It is both convenient to use and cost-effective. I’m InTouch has already created buzz for being the most secure remote access platforms available in the market today.

Let us understand why would you need to access your desktop remotely?

I’m InTouch makes it easy to access files from any part around the world by instantly and securely connecting any electronic device to a computer at distant place. Remotely accessing the desktop ensures peace of mind by safely and securely giving you access to the most important files even at public locations. There is nothing that goes wrong while accessing the programs or files from the desktop at a distant place as it is maintained with preset firewalls and security settings.

You will not have to worry about tedious configurations of firewall and low reliability. You have the ability to use your personal computer from anywhere, for five minutes or five hours. Our software gives you the key to your desktop with all the applications, media, files, and documents. Also, your data only stays where it rightly belongs – the hard drive and nowhere else.

The Applications of I’m InTouch

  • For mobile workers: For those who are always on the move, create a distant desktop connection and access the programs, applications, emails on your PC at a far location.
  • PDA users: Get instant notifications about the new emails arriving at your home or PC office.
  • Sales Professionals: For sales professionals, it will be quite convenient to log on to the PC at their office to acquire information from the database about leads.
  • Parents: They could monitor their child’s activities on the computer in real-time using this software.
  • Small business owners:  Use the software to increase the productivity of their employees when they go out for important meetings and conferences.

01 Communique has established itself as the undisputed leader in developing remote desktop softwares with it’s wide range of applications pertaining to various uses. Here is the list of softwares:

  • I’m InTouch Remote Access Software: It is the standard remote access and control service that allows individuals connect and interact with their home or office computers that enables them to get the information and essential business tools that they may need anytime, anywhere with the help of a computer or wireless device that has an internet connection. This application allows you to check your Microsoft Outlook, or Outlook Express emails and attachments from a distant place. It is upto you to allow or disallow access to download the files with other enhanced features. With the Remote Control feature you are able to control your remote PC just like you would be working in front of it.
  • I’m InTouch Go: This is a supplementary application to remote access app.  It has the functionalities of the I’m InTouch software, however it enables the user to access the desktop on a distant location from their mobile devices, such as the smartphone and tablets with iOS or Android or Windows operating systems.
  • I’m InTouch Server Edition: This is the server edition of the I’m InTouch that allows the same features, however the distance is limited to your business premises. All effective administrative controls allow the administrators to configure and manage the files on the machine as required. The Wake-up technology allows machines to be remotely accessed even if they are shut down.
  • I’m InTouch Meeting: This state-of-the art program allows you to conduct meetings with your clients or employees around the world right from the computer’s desktop. You could quickly invite the attendees by email or by phone and you could start your meeting within seconds with the the help of this software from your computer with people in all parts of the world.


  • I’m OnCall: Let’s suppose your customer is at a far away location, and you need to help them with their problems pertaining to their PC, or some application, or more. How exactly are you going to help them in troubleshooting their problems? I’m OnCall is the inevitable solution that proves to be an efficient help desk application that will help you in auto configuring a temporary connection with your customer’s PC that doesn’t have the software pre-installed.

Configuration of The Application

You could trust I’m InTouch to build a strong shield of protection over all the access activities that take place from a distant location. The features include:

  • Dual login authentication
  • 256-bit encryption protection
  • Secured data server center
  • No ports opened
  • Session time-outs
  • Removal of session data
  • Password protection

The Convenience Of Going with 01 Communique

User Friendly Setup

Those who use our program would swear by the ease and the interactivity of the performance of our software. The application and user settings are optimized for use across multiple platforms.

Prominent Security Features

The program performs with security features that are designed for the banks. It is a 100% customizable program that allows the user to create their desired privacy and functionality settings.

Remote Desktop Management

For busy workplaces, the instinctive central administration feature in I’m InTouch makes it effortless to manage users, user settings, and physical authentication settings.

Free Updates

Your software is updated frequently at no extra charges. It means that your software will always be up-to-date with the best available in industry.

In addition to all those given in this article, 01 Commuique also has developed some best utility softwares to enhance your performance as a business enterprise. Have a look at our products page for the complete list.

RDP For Smart Phone – An unexplored part of technology

Remote Desktop will always find its way on a device for those who are always traveling. One important aspect of working with this application is that it lets you access desktops from tablets or other mobile devices. This feature is especially popular with a majority of tablet devices regardless of it being an iOS or Android based.

Tablets have evolved a long way in terms of features and usability. Numerous apps designed especially for mobile devices ensure that what you get, is the actual work done in the right way with just a touch on the screen. However, there will be times when you desperately need to access your desktop environment. So, what do you do in order to get your PC environment on the tablet or other device? You do not need to sacrifice your tablet anymore to get the PC environment. Life becomes easier when you have helpful apps around that make numerous tasks possible, and getting a desktop environment is as easy. This article discusses the best utility software for remotely accessing desktop on iPad and other tablets using Android that will fulfill your desire to have a mobile, touch friendly app. Firstly, let us understand why do you need this app.

The best RDP app for iPad or other tablets will let you access remote computer that is sometimes also called the host computer from your tablet, from a different location. For instance, with standard apps available in the market you would be able to work with your files, programs, and network resources as if you were in front of your computer.

Now, when you leave programs running on any mobile device and reach home or office, you would be able to see the device’s computer environment being displayed on the home/office computer with the same programs running that had been left open in your tablet.

The scope of the best RDP app for iPad and other tablets

There has always been a great scope for all kinds of applications that allow to remotely access any computer. The app provides one great aspect to a person to use the desktop environment from their tablets.

Tablets are omnipresent with their popularity rising day by day, with the release of each new model. With the  rise in the number of its users, it becomes inevitable for those who work, to access various files from different locations in various desktop environments. Thus, there is a great demand for this app that allows users to conveniently access files from their desktops at a remote location. This app is ideal for those who want to access their main computer at various locations.

I’m InTouch Go App for Tablets By 01 Communique

This app comes under the wide range of remote desktop applications developed by 01 Communique. This app allows users access to their remote computers on their smartphones or tablets.

How does the app work with smartphones or tablets?

On installing the I’m InTouch Remote Desktop Software on main computer at home or office, you will be quickly able to access desktop environment on the tablet or the smartphone.

  • Depending on the mobile device on which you would like to install the application you could either download the application from the App store for iPad or iPhone, or the Android Market for Tablet or other smartphone with Android.
  • Next, run the app on your device and select one of the options given on your screen to get access to your remote computer. You are asked to access the remote computer with computer name, or with the help of login ID & Password.
  • Once you get the access to the host machine, you are able to view and manage all the files, programs, and other data that are located on the main computer – whenever and wherever you need it.

The Salient Features of the I’m InTouch Go app

  • You could run programs from the main computer.
  • You are able to change settings on your host computer.
  • You could now listen to audio or watch videos on your mobile devices that are played on the host computer.
  • If your host computer has been turned off, you could reboot your computer.
  •  Perform any task on your tablet that you would normally be doing in front of your computer.

Regardless of where you are, this app will always be helpful as it helps you access your PC from any remote location. You might be conducting a meeting, and all of a sudden you remember that you forgot to insert a picture that is stored in your PC. This is where the app comes in use. If there is a bunch of work files or some programs on your computer, however you are not present there physically, you always have the software from 01 Communique at your service that helps you in accessing all the stuff that matters to you at that moment. This  also helps in increasing productivity and less communication. Also, it reduces the hassles helping you to focus on other important elements of your work and other functions.

If you have been ignoring these types of applications for long, its’ time you started considering them as you are not going to carry your desktop at all places that you travel. Also, while on a business trip you may forget your laptop in a hotel room and you need urgent access to your file. In such a case, you will want to work with RDP that helps you work on different files when needed. Remote desktop apps are the most impressive type of applications that could be utilized to the fullest potential, something that gives you access to the best possible desktop functions that you need to utilize. It actually allows you to carry your PC wherever you go, without actually having to carry it.

The Advantages of RDP app

  • Security: 01 Communique understands how important your files could be for you, and hence they ensure utmost safety of your desktop. All your important data, including files and documents are stored in most secure data centers around the world. Thus, the chances of theft or loss of data is absolutely zero. State-of-the-art encryption technology will ensure that the connection to your main computer would remain protected, eliminating the risk of hacking and other data losses that are quite common with networking and computing.
  • Flexibility: The main motive of the app is allowing people to perform their work from literally any place. The only requirements are a computer and a secure internet connection. These are the components that add to the freedom and flexibility available with RDP, which otherwise is impossible.
  • Lower Cost: As RDP apps that are designed for tablets could be used via a single machine, it is not necessary to buy multiple copies of similar business softwares while using a remote desktop system.


The technology is evolving with each passing day, and our lives getting hectic in the digital age, it has become inevitable for individuals to avoid the simple yet effective solutions that make their lives easier. Mobile devices have become tremendously popular in the tablet generation and more and more people are getting on the move throughout the day with this device. Hence, devices like the RDP app that are compatible with iPad are getting more popular as they tend to keep the working individuals off from unwanted pressure. At we tend to make your lives easy with our wide range of remote desktop business applications.

Remote PC access software: All set to revolutionize the world

The Internet has drastically changed our lives. We can get our tasks done more quickly and efficiently. You may have heard about remote PC access software and its benefits. However, are you aware how it actually works?

The phrase, remote computer access refers to the ability to use your PC from any place in the world. A number of people opt to work from home, or do part time jobs. In such situations, remote PC access software proves to be a boon. Many companies provide remote PC access software, but 01 Communique is one such company that provides reliable and cost effective solutions to remotely access information from any part of the world. 01 Communique’s technologies have established a huge market for messaging and communications software with their well-known product lines.  I’m InTouch, is a remote access software and I’m OnCall is a help desk software. They also have optional security enhancing devices like I’m InTouch SecurePC and I’m InTouch SecureKEY.


With remote PC access, you can access remote computer from any computer or a wireless device with an Internet connection, stream music and operate webcam, access files, programs, and more. It facilitates two-way communication between remote PC and local device. You are able to run your application, synchronize files, listen to audio remotely, or remotely printing documents from your distant computer to a local printing. It is possible to secure services, support password protection, encrypt data transfers, etc. from remote access. It also includes automatic time out if you forget to logout from the session. This prevents others from accessing the remote PC later.

When you have remote PC access software, you know what is going on in your office and at home. Hence, it is a necessary option in today’s fast paced and technology driven world. You are only living in the stone-age without the I’m InTouch series of products.