Why do I need GoMail if I already have a built-in Mail app on my device?

I’m InTouch GoMail is a revolutionary app that can mobilize your Outlook.  It has the following killer features that your built-in Mail app lacks:

  1. Compose emails with attachments from your computer’s local/network drives
  2. Save inbound attachments onto your computer’s local/network drives
  3. Notifications for emails received from selected senders or you can opt for “All”

If you have an office environment whereby your Exchange server is managed by a service provider (e.g. your Outlook is a POP/SMTP client or Exchange Online client), you will have the following additional advantages by using I’m InTouch GoMail:

  1. Everything you compose remotely using I’m InTouch GoMail will automatically be recorded in your Outlook’s Sent Items.  No more synchronization is necessary.
  2. You can have greater security and privacy by keeping all your emails on your Outlook instead of leaving them on your provider’s server for mobile access.
  3. You do not need to pay your provider any email storage fee.