01 demonstrates post-quantum email encryption

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Cyber security is a major issue for many organizations.  News of companies being hacked, private information exposed, and credit card information being stolen are heard on a daily basis.  As a result, companies lose millions of dollars and their reputation takes a hit.  Furthermore, because of the embarrassment and bad consequences that will follow, many companies do not report the hacks.

Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated.  Quantum Computing is an upcoming technology that is generating immense interest.  According to the experts and literature, Quantum Computing will be able to break into any current encryption system within seconds.  This is what makes Quantum Computing unique and no current systems can protect organizations from Quantum Computing attacks. Once the Q-Day arrives, hackers or governments equipped with Quantum Computing technology can easily break into any encrypted system.

For example, China is taking Quantum Computing so seriously that they are investing billions of dollars into Quantum Computing research.  They are already looking into integrating Quantum Computing technology within their systems either in military or business-related activities.  Quantum Computing will certainly create a competitive advantage for those end users, organizations and governments who adopt it early.

01 Communique’s commitment to innovation and cyber security led to the development of IronCAP X, the world’s first quantum-safe end to end email and file encryption system.

With the increased sophistication of hacking tools and the fast approaching of quantum computing, IronCAP X is a necessity for everyone.  IronCAP X is ideal for any organization exchanging sensitive information across the internet and needs to protect its information residing on its servers from Quantum Computing attacks.   

On April 24 2019, 01 Communique performed a live demonstration of IronCAP X at its Annual General Meeting.  One participant asked if IronCAP X would have made a difference in safeguarding information during the 2016 election in the US.  Although the participant asked it as a tongue in cheek question, there is a serious side to his inquiries.

Quantum Computing has serious implications to cyber security.  Companies must get themselves prepared to safeguard their data not only today, but also for the future when the Q-Day arrives. 

The commercial launch of IronCAP X will be in the fall of 2019.  IronCAP X is free for individual users and will be available for $99.95 per user/year for businesses.

For more information and a live demonstration of IronCAP X please contact 01 Communique at info@ironcap.ca.