10.6 Million of MGM’s Customer Data Records Leaked After Breach

Hackers Leak Data
10.6 million customer data records were published on a hacker’s forum this week. The hotel chain MGM was breached last year and notified individuals affected afterwards. Personal information contained names, contact information and addresses of many high-profile individuals travelling for business.

“Last summer, we discovered unauthorized access to a cloud server that contained a limited amount of information for certain previous guests of MGM Resorts,” MGM told ZDNet. “We are confident that no financial, payment card or password data was involved in this matter.”

Personal information should be protected by multiple safeguards. Encryption is one important tool. When encrypted personal information is stolen, the encryption must be broken before the records can be accessed and distributed. Powerful computers over time and quantum computers can crack traditional RSA encryption.

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Read the full story on ZDNet below:
https://www.zdnet.com/article/exclusive-details-of-10-6-million-of-mgm-hotel-guests-posted-on-a-hacking-forum/” rel=”nofollow”>