01 Communique announces live demo of its new product IronCAP X

On April 23rd, 01 Communique is hosting its Annual Shareholder’s Meeting along with the launch and live demo of newest product, IronCAP X.

IronCAP X is the world’s first Quantum-safe email encryption for personal use and is free. Right now, most email traffic is not protected and the protection available is highly ineffective against the imminent threat of Quantum hacking.

IronCAP X uses industry recognized GPG technology reinforced with IronCAP Quantum-safe encryption. It is faster than other encryption methods, end-to-end encryption, guaranteed safe against hacking now future Quantum attacks. IronCAP is user friendly and easy to install.

To learn more check out: https://www.accesswire.com/582021/01-Communique-Announces-Live-Demo-of-Ironcap-X-Personal-Usage-Email-Platform-at-the-Companys-Annual-Shareholder-Meeting