IronCAP X Designed To Prevent Massive Data Breaches

01 Communique Laboratory Inc. is launching their new product, IronCAP X.

IronCAP X is designed to address privacy issues and protect personal data. It uses industry recognized GPG technology reinforced with IronCAP Quantum-safe encryption. It is faster than other encryption methods, end-to-end encryption, guaranteed safe against hacking now and future Quantum attacks.

In today’s tech savvy era privacy has become a  rising concern and quantum computers will pose a serious threat. Our personal data can be collected, shared, and maliciously hacked hence, IronCAP’s X is built to encrypt emails, protect your personal data  and prevent privacy breaches.

IronCAP X offers low cost encryption which will protect sensitive data from today’s cyber-security attacks and is free to individual subscribers, faster than popular alternatives and protects against the real prospect of future Quantum computer attacks.

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