Cloud Security Post-COVID 19

Our current global economy is crying for cloud security. If we thought we are at the top of our game we need to re-think; COVID-19 has brought about heavy lawsuits in data breachphishing and ransomware attacks for all size companies and industries, the most recent attack being at Garmin.

We are seeing an economic recession with this pandemic BUT the one place we cannot cut corners is cybersecurity. According to a recent report from Flexera59% of companies surveyed plan on increasing their spending on cloud services in the post-pandemic world, with 30% of companies planning to spend “significantly” more. Although, keep in mind just like us cybercriminals too are adapting to advancing technology and are probably a step ahead of organizations still discovering best practices surrounding cloud security.

While cybercriminals heavily rely on phishing to target cloud systems, the most common is remote exploitation of cloud applications per IBM’s “Cloud Threat Landscape Report“. The good news is 01 Communique’s, I’m In Touch paired with IronCAP’s encryption and technology can protect you from all cybercrimes, malware and ransomware attacks. Our technology has already been put to test at a hackathon with bulletproof encryption and we are confident that our technology will protect you now and in the near quantum world. Cybersecurity has never been easier, IronCAP seamlessly integrates into existing systems and provides you quantum security too.


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