IronCAP X Version 1.1

The power of quantum computers threatens our data security; and the threat of breaking all our digital and data security is clear and present.

Today a vast majority of emails are sent unencrypted with no digital signatures making them the perfect playground for bad actors/hackers. While there are many email encryption services available, none of them are quantum-safe. IronCAP X uses industry recognized GPG technology to provide end-to-end email encryption and is the only one quantum-safe.

IronCAP X can positively change your email communication to safely send emails with sensitive information such as legal documents, financials, other business contracts. It is PROVEN SECURE! End-to-end encryption combined with digital signatures protects your data ensuring ONLY the intended recipients can read the messages. IronCAP X email encryption product is free for personal users and is compatible with a “seamless invitation” mechanism which will automatically inserts a message to invite non-IronCAP X recipients to sign up for IronCAP X in order to read the encrypted message.

In this global pandemic cybercrime has increased by 400% and a majority of data breaches are due to phishing attacks. We can change this by using IronCAP X. This product will effectively shut-down the source of most malicious activities such as ransomware attacks and phishing email scams.

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