Want To Encrypt Against Phishing Scams?

A cyber cold war is here so we need to encrypt our data. This week Bloomberg reported phishing hacks on European government officials, diplomats, and other global players to gather economic intelligence about the pandemic.

COVID-19 has reset our thinking on email security, end-to-end email encryption is now critical more so with the imminent arrival of quantum technology. Today, most cyber-attacks begin with a simple phishing email designed to hack all your data and it will be easier in the post-quantum world BUT quantum-safe, end-to-end email/file encryption can protect your organization and data from “Phishermen”. IronCAP X is the world’s first commercialized quantum-safe application for end-to-end email encryption AND it is FREE for personal users.

IronCAP X will change your outlook on email security and end phishing scams. Sending sensitive information such as legal documents, financials and other business contracts will be 100% secure as IronCAP X’s encryption ensures that only the intended recipients can read the messages. Easily accessible, IronCAP X email encryption software is FREE for personal usage and comes with a “seamless invitation” mechanism that will automatically insert an invitation message to non-IronCAP X recipients facilitating them to sign up easily for IronCAP X in order to read the encrypted message.

So stop sweating data security, its 100% safe, here right now and even in the future quantum world. Use it…(IronCAP X) or lose it..(your data)

Get IronCAP X for FREE here: https://www.ironcap.ca/ironcap-x/personal/

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