Quantum Computers Are Commercializing

Industry leaders are racing to build the most powerful quantum computer. Whether you talk about IBM or IonQ or D-wave, their common goal is to develop a powerful and viable quantum computer for commercial use. IonQ just announced it has built the most powerful computer yet with 32 perfect qubits and claims to use IBM’s preferred quantum benchmark to hit a quantum volume of 4,000,000. In fact, D-wave too just launched a 5,000 qubits quantum computing platform. While D-wave uses a different technique from IBM, the goal remains the same, i.e. quantum supremacy.

As we know quantum computing has been around for a while.  It will for sure change the landscape of data security. In fact quantum hacking can be here already given the different platforms available today. The world needs to gear up for a powerful hack that could breach all existing security systems in place. NSA already warned government agencies and companies to be quantum-safe back in 2016. We need to advance our security systems to beat quantum hacking. IronCAP protects you from cyberthreats today and in the quantum world. Its unique cryptographic technology is quantum-safe providing bulletproof encryption for all your data. Our goal at IronCAP is to prevent cybercrime, data loss and promote a safe cyberspace.

From the top leadership to novice technology users, we all need to be cybersmart and proactive. IronCAP is industry vetted and confident it can keep you quantum-safe.

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