The worst cyber-attack on US government

You read that right…the worst cyber-attack on US government was reported on Dec 17th, 2020.

The US energy department, the one responsible for managing US nuclear weapons, was breached. An attack of this nature could have unimaginable consequences but reports suggested while their network was breached, their arsenal’s security was not compromised. This is not it…the US treasury and commerce departments were also breached.

While government agencies are still gauging the method and scope of the cyber-attack, according to Oren Falkowitz, a former NSA official and the CEO of the cybersecurity firm Area 1 told CNN, “…first thing the attackers went for were email systems.” Sophisticated phishing campaigns are the easiest way to gain illegitimate access to any network but you can prevent that from happening.

You have to understand that cybersecurity is not just the concern of a government agency or large corporations. No one is “too small” for a cyber-attack.  In fact the smaller the business, the easier the attack will be. Think about this – it is far easier to penetrate thousands of small targets with low security measures than one big target with stringent security measures.

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