Can you survive a cyber war today?

If a cyber war happened TODAY can we survive? We have come so far with technological advancements but yet cannot survive a cyber war today. Hackers in the shadowy world armed with viruses and tools can possibly disrupt the computer systems that manage real-world infrastructure, such as electricity, water supply, transportation, banking systems, hospitals, airports, and the list goes on.

Absolutely nothing is off limits. A few weeks ago, hackers breached a water treatment plant in Florida with failed attempts to increase the toxic level of the water supply. Fortunately there was no catastrophic damage. But will you always be that lucky? In the past one year, we saw an array of ransomware attacks on hospitals, travel agencies, WHO, tech firms and cyber consultants. The most “famous” one is perhaps the large-scale Solar Winds cyberattack in December 2020. At least nine federal agencies and over 100 companies in the US were compromised. Government agencies and top cyber consultants are still uncovering the extent of the attack, the damage caused and the potential lingering risks. It is believed that more victims would be identified.

Solar Winds was a real eye opener! Proof that nothing is off limits for hackers. They can and they will reach you! 2020 showed us a glimpse of the power hackers hold or shall I say, a reality check on our weak security systems.

Government agencies, CEO’s and policymakers are rattled by security vulnerabilities today. How much worse the situation will become when quantum computing arrives is beyond imagination. Therefore, we need to strengthen our security systems and prepare for the quantum future, which is just around the corner. A quantum hack will be nothing less of a catastrophic event unless we are quantum-safe TODAY. IronCAP has built a unique quantum-safe encryption solution for individuals and businesses. Its unique, patent-pending cryptographic technology is designed to operate on conventional computer systems while at the same time safeguard attacks from quantum computers. It is proven secure at a hackathon, vetted by industry experts and is low-cost.

Prevention is better than cure! Adopting quantum-safe encryption NOW is the ultimate prevention. Act today to build a powerful cybersecurity strategy with IronCAP.

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