Protect Your Sensitive Data!

You have private conversations online? Confidential documents to share via email? We are saving all data!!! Right now, they are at risk so read on and you will thank us later.

We live in a new digital age where any transaction, big or small, can possibly take place ONLINE. We don’t mean only financial transactions, we mean all transactions – your name, email, birthday, government-issued IDs, conversations with friends, partners, colleagues and the list goes on.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we witnessed a fast-paced digital transformation BUT the pandemic accelerated this transformation and forced everyone to go online for work, learning, shopping, meeting, communicating, etc.  This massive burst of online activities has triggered a new wave of online scams and frauds.  Hackers can now easily gain access to any of your data including, but not limited to, login credentials, private email conversations, banking details, etc. Hackers gain access to all these by using just one simple, inexpensive social engineering tool called “phishing”.

Fraudulent Phishers send billions of fake “security alert” or “need urgent action” emails and set up fake websites with false COVID-19 information luring individuals into clicking malicious links and/or entering their personal information.

Want to thrive and worry free from phishing scams?  Well, we got good news! IronCAP X is your solution and the end to phishing.

IronCAP X is a proven secure, end-to-end, quantum-safe email encryption software that will let you authenticate and digitally sign your email.  Recipients will know it’s a legitimate email if it’s coming from an IronCAP X user in their contacts.  For added security, the email is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the designated recipient.  In short, your email communication is safe, end-to-end encrypted, quantum-safe and digitally authenticated.

So why are you waiting?

Bonus! IronCAP X is free for personal usage. Sign up here: IronCAP X to save your private data from malicious actors.

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