You Need Post-Quantum Cryptographic Encryption Solutions

Cryptographic technologies are utilized by all government bodies and industries to authenticate, as well as to secure their data and communications ensuring only those intended can access or receive the information. With the advancement of quantum computing, we should be aware that our widely deployed cryptographic algorithms that are used to protect our data privacy and communications today will be threatened.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) whose mission is to promote U.S. innovation and is responsible for establishing technology, standards and metrics to be applied to the science and technology industries, gave this guideline in their Cybersecurity White paper published in April, 2021, “Continued progress in the development of quantum computing foreshadows a particularly disruptive cryptographic transition…We cannot accurately predict when a quantum computer capable of executing Shor’s algorithm will be available to adversaries, but we need to be prepared for it as many years in advance as is practical.”

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC)’s senior research scientist, Steven Herbert said, “We are now capable of achieving what was previously only a theoretical quantum speed-up. That’s something that none of the existing quantum Monte Carlo integration (QMCI) algorithms can do without substantial overhead that renders current methods unusable.”

Andrew Cheung and his team of crypto scientists at 01 Communique recognized this quantum threat 6 years ago. They are now one of the first-to-market, enterprise level cybersecurity providers for the quantum computing era. They have already released their post-quantum cryptography encryption API, IronCAP™ as well as developed a quantum-safe email encryption product called IronCAP X™. IronCAP™ quantum-safe cryptography can keep digital assets, digital infrastructure, trade secrets and customer data safe from hackers, whether they use traditional computers or quantum machines.

Cryptographic algorithm transitions take time and involve massive coordination effort across many stakeholders in different industries. By preparing now and adopting post-quantum cryptography solutions like IronCAP™ can ensure a more orderly, less costly, and modestly disruptive changeover.

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