Chinese crypto scientists make breakthrough in #quantum error correction

Quantum-1 (Mar 28 2023)A game changer for #quantum error correction

Chinese researchers have made a significant advancement in the field of quantum error correction (QEC) using superconducting quantum circuits, advancing the science of quantum computing.

Although superconducting quantum circuit systems-based quantum information processing has advanced significantly in recent years, the error rate of quantum operations is still significantly higher than that of a classical computer, according to Xu Yuan, an assistant researcher at the Southern University of Science and Technology. As a result, QEC, which shields logical qubits from noise, is crucial.

By repeated real-time QEC, the team, led by Yu Dapeng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), first extended the storage period of quantum information beyond the break-even threshold.
The results were released online in the journal Nature.

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