The Future is Here: Commercially Available PQC Solutions for the Quantum Threat

The Future is Here: Commercially Available PQC Solutions for the Quantum Threat

The advent of quantum computers capable of breaking current public key cryptography is inevitable. While we may still be years away from this, forward-thinking companies are already developing quantum-safe solutions.

On a recent episode of the Root Causes podcast, Andrew Cheung of IronCAP discussed how his company is bringing post-quantum cryptography (PQC) to market today in various applications.


IronCAP started working on PQC solutions in anticipation of the quantum threat over 5 years ago. They developed a toolkit that allows integrating PQC algorithms like Kyber and Dilithium into existing public key infrastructure.

Rather than wait for industry standards, IronCAP took the walled garden approach and implemented PQC within their own products first. For example, they now offer a PQC-enabled VPN and end-to-end encrypted email.

A project with cryptocurrency companies highlights how PQC can be applied selectively even with legacy infrastructure. While blockchain ledgers are quantum-safe, the private keys used to authorize transactions are vulnerable. IronCAP devised a way to implement PQC to protect these keys while maintaining compatibility with existing blockchains.

The key takeaway is that companies who recognize the quantum threat and control their own IT environments can start integrating PQC today. This allows high-value targets to mitigate the risk of “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks even before broad PQC standards and compatibility emerge.

So while fully universal PQC across the internet is still on the horizon, solutions for specific use cases are here today. IronCAP is leading the charge in commercially viable PQC, bringing quantum-safe security to early adopters.

As quantum computing advances, PQC will be crucial in all industries relying on data protection and integrity, like finance, healthcare, and defense. Companies have a choice – either leave sensitive data vulnerable to future decryption, or be proactive and integrate selective PQC safeguards now.

The message is clear: commercially viable PQC is available today thanks to innovative companies like IronCAP. The future of quantum-safe data protection is already here.

You need to act now!

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