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I'm OnCall

Benefits of Help Desk Software

For those consultants and IT help pros who support multiple clients, not only can the standard model of on-site visits get tiresome, but it can be expensive and inefficient. That is why adding remote support to your service options can be a real boon to your business. Your clients will appreciate the timeliness and savings provided by this option. You will find the convenience brings a bit of sanity back into your work day too. I’m OnCall is a cost-effective, secure online help desk software which allows organizations to offer remote support over the Internet to their customers.

I’m OnCall helps improving your customer satisfaction ratings and competitive edges. You can expedite the time it takes to resolve a problem with our remote support technology while reducing your overall service cost.

Main Benefits of I’m OnCall

Remote Control – With the customer’s permission, a temporary remote control session is established with his/her computer. Any technical issue can be resolved with ease.

Live Chat – I’m OnCall gives you 3 customizable URLs for embedding into your web site. You can then easily implement a Live-Chat customer service feature on your web site within minutes. One agent can simultaneously chat with multiple customers to facilitate busy “call” volume. Not only that it is impossible to achieve with the traditional phone system, it can actually save cost by eliminating the need of installing numerous physical phone lines.

Customization – Enhance your professional image and branding with a customized banner on the support session page. It can include your company logo, slogan, agents’ photos, etc.

Incident Tracking – Your agents or service representatives will benefit from the incident logs. They will help your company to provide better service to your customers.

Customer Rating - An automatic post-session survey can be conducted to measure customer’s rating on the support service they have just received.


Working remotely sure makes the job easier in many ways. If you are planning to add remote support services to your organization, give I’m OnCall a try!!!