Blockchain Technology In The Quantum World

As we know cryptocurrency and blockchain is widely accepted today.
Cryptocurrency is redefining the conventional finance industry, and
blockchain is changing the face of businesses and governments today.
Powerful countries such as China are using blockchain technology for
their newly announced digital currencies. Blockchain has multiple
applications, it can be used for asset traceability, supply chain, trade
payments, global payments, banking systems, voting and even digital
identity. Using this very technology, new business models are evolving and
disrupting the existing ones.

While blockchain is a revolutionary technology it is vulnerable to
hacking with massive repercussions, the infrastructure endpoints
are at risk from a quantum attack. As we know quantum is
here, tech leaders such as IBM, Google, and Microsoft are developing the
most powerful computers that will one day hack the blockchain
infrastructure in seconds. State actors are investing massively
in quantum hacking, in fact many believe that the cyber cold war is already

Let me summarize the issue at hand, in the quantum world blockchain endpoints are
hackable by quantum computers, so entire currencies or infrastructure
records can be subverted within seconds. IronCAP can help the blockchain integrity, it was built to protect data against all quantum threats and can secure the blockchain endpoints. IronCAP along with the blockchain infrastructure will be invisible to all cyber threats.