National Security Agency Issues VPN Warnings

How safe are VPNs? Not so much according to the National Security Agency warning issued today!

The NSA issued a new cybersecurity advisory today warning people against Virtual Private Networks’s (VPN). They could be at high risk for cyberattacks if not secured correctly and many are insecure as the risks of cyberattacks rise.

The NSA’s advisory said VPN gateways in particular are “prone to network scanning, brute force attacks, and zero-day vulnerabilities. [N]etwork administrators should implement strict traffic filtering rules to limit the ports, protocols, and IP addresses of network traffic to VPN devices.”

Andrew Cheung, Visionary and CEO of IronCAP, wanted to build something safer. The vision was to not just protect your data now but also armour for the quantum world. IronCAP protects your data with its unique cryptographic technology and seamlessly integrates with existing systems. The World’s most proven quantum-safe encryption that’s available to anyone.

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