Gartner predicts demise of Virtual Private Network

Gartner’s June 2019 analysis predicts that 60% of enterprises will phase out their Remote Access VPN by 2023 replacing it with Zero-Trust Network Access. The global pandemic and “work from home” makes VPN even more vulnerable, more than ever.

This week we saw countless criticisms of VPN protocol; now under constant attack by bad actors thanks to the massive move to work from home. The VPN’s flaw is that it establishes too much trust between the remote user and the corporate network. Now bad actors can hack into the remote computer to gain access to the entire corporate network. Phishing is the easiest and most popular method for hackers but IronCAP X can stop that with (quantum-safe) end-to-end encryption and digital signatures on emails.

To stay safe we must  eliminate VPN and switch to a zero-trust remote control technology such as I’m InTouch. This is Zero-Trust Network Access allowing remote devices to login to a gateway for initial authentication requiring a multi-factor system. Only then can the user access the specific system they are authorized too. An effective zero-trust system like, I’m In Touch, will disallow any illegal access on the remote device or network and protect your network 100% of the time!

So the best coffin for bad actors and malware is the Zero-Trust Network Access solution such as I’m InTouch paired with IronCAP X quantum-safe encryption and digital signatures. Don’t get caught phishing again…upgrade to Zero-Trust Network Access, says Andrew Cheung and incorporate a quantum-safe encryption IronCAP X while you are at it.

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