Encrypting Digital Payments In A Quantum World

A $4.1 trillion-dollar ecosystem, the cashless economy has brought massive benefits and disruption everywhere. There is no doubt that the world is rapidly embracing digitalization. China is introducing their own digital/payment currency and other major currencies are watching closely to follow suit. The payments landscape has dramatically changed with the rise in cashless innovations, now more than ever due to the global pandemic.

Speaking of massive disruption…quantum computers are here and they will be a million times faster than conventional computers, which means they can crack codes and hack data in seconds. Let’s connect the dots, combine digital payments and quantum hacking that will lead to a man-made DISASTER! Now more than ever we need a bulletproof encryption to communicate freely.

The GOOD NEWS is that we already have a bulletproof encryption, IronCAP.
IronCAP provides the safest encryption for your data, now and in the quantum future. It is the world’s most proven and unhacked quantum-safe data encryption. The best part about IronCAP is that it was designed to “bolt on”, it will seamlessly integrate with existing systems and also work for conventional computers.

Technology evolves every day and we are at the brink of a cyber cold war; it is time to armor up and be quantum-safe…IronCAP is the best technology out there.

Read more: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/digital-payment-adoption/