Top 4 Ways 01 Communique’s Web Conferencing Software Will Benefit Your Business

In today’s competitive world, it is inevitable for businesses to streamline and upgrade their operations that not only helps them in reducing costs, but also increases efficiency at various levels. This also applies to the technology used within the business organization in order to keep the company ahead with the moving times and also get an edge in the global marketplace.

01 Communique understands how crucial it is for you to save time, money, and improve communication to stimulate the business. We know how wonderful it feels when you are able to save money on travel expenses by holding a meeting without being physically present at that place. With I’m InTouch Meeting, it is quite possible now to hold online seminars, sales demonstrations, online training, web conferencing and more.

I’m InTouch Meeting is a revolution in the field of web conferencing programs, as it allows you to meet your clients online and carry out the proceedings just like you would do in a physical meeting.


Things That You Could Do With 01 Communique’s I’m InTouch Meeting

Web Conferencing: With I’m InTouch web conferencing software, you are able to link computers from all over the world. Participants of the conference are able to view the exact screen or the slide shows that are shown on the host’s PC.

Online Training: The software provides participants easy and convenient access to your training materials. Classes could be conducted live or recorded in advance, giving the participants secure access to to the training session.

Sales Demonstrations: A sales demonstration is your highly valuable tool to enhance the sales figures of your product. With I’m InTouch web conferencing software you could stimulate your prospects’ interest by giving them a peek into your product or service.

Webinars: I’m InTouch’s screen sharing feature is best suited for conducting live webinars, wherein you could invite multiple participants to attend your online webinar.


With a plethora of options that you could use the I’m InTouch Meeting software for, your business communication is definitely in good hands. Business communication is the tool that plays a huge role in generating revenue, building relationships, and more. Ensure that you have the best in technology to smoothen the process.


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