NetWalker Ransomware Attack was Preventable

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone go online more than ever: for work, schools, shopping and for entertainment.  The surge in digital communications and the shift to remote working and learning online have at the same time skyrocketed the risk of cyberattacks.  Besides implementing new information technology systems to adopt new remote working and administrative practices, cyber risk management definitely requires the highest level of attention from all industries and organizations now.

Recently the NetWalker ransomware attacks were brought down. According to Threatpost, the U.S. Department of Justice has brought charges against a Canadian national, Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins of Gatineau, in relation to NetWalker ransomware attacks and also seized US $455,000 in cryptocurrency from ransom payments. That is not all…Sebastien allegedly has obtained illegally over $27.6 million from ransomware victims.

2020 has witnessed a tsunami of many such ransomware and phishing attacks. This is about to blow up even more with the rapid advancements of quantum computing alongside quantum hacking.  Let’s connect the dots: our current (weak) security systems and quantum hacking will lead to a man-made DISASTERS!  It is imperative to have an airtight quantum-safe encryption that will allow us to communicate safely.  We need an encryption that can prevent cyberattacks today as well as in the quantum future.

The GOOD NEWS is there is already an airtight end-to-end, quantum-safe encryption solution available today – IronCAP X.

IronCAP X is a new quantum-safe email and file encryption software that will let you authenticate and digitally sign your email.  It provides the safest, end-to-end, quantum-safe encryption for your data now and in the quantum future. The best part about IronCAP X is that it is FREE for personal usage and effectively protects you from all phishing scams. We know technology evolves every day and we are at the brink of a cyber cold war.  So why not armor up, get your IronCAP X today and be quantum-safe.

Threatpost article