You Need Quantum-Safe End-To-End Encryption

Let’s dive right into it. The idea of end-to-end encryption is to encrypt (protect) your data till it reaches the intended recipient: only the sender and the receiver can read the message; not even the service provider can view the message.

Many platforms are “encrypted” but you need to understand that not all are “end-to-end encrypted”. A simple example is Facebook messenger. When you communicate with someone through Facebook messenger, your message is encrypted and goes from you to Facebook and then from Facebook to your contact.  But in this process of encryption Facebook still holds access to the key that can decrypt your message.  They are able to view the contents of your message if they want to. For real end-to-end encryption the service provider will not hold the key that can decrypt your message. Only the sender and the recipient can read the message/data.

In today’s highly digitized world we are, consciously or unconsciously, sharing all kinds of messages and data online, whether it be a friendly invite, financial data or corporate contracts. End-to-end encryption is the solution to your fading privacy.

But here is a twist…whether you are a cybersecurity geek or not, you have surely heard of the various quantum advancements in 2020 alone. The rapid acceleration of quantum advancements threatens our current encryption algorithms. This means whether your messages or data are encrypted or even end-to-end encrypted, you are most certainly vulnerable to quantum hacking.

So, the ultimate route to privacy and data protection is using quantum-safe, end-to-end encryption!

We are knee deep into a quantum race, not just among companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM, or Honeywell but also among countries like the USA, Germany, Russia and China. There are reports from different sources that these countries are investing billions of dollars in researches to race to achieve quantum supremacy. Quantum computers could very well crack traditional encryption such as RSA SOON. The urgency to get our current cybersecurity quantum-safe is imminent.

IronCAP X is the world’s first commercially available quantum-safe, end-to-end email/file encryption software. It allows users to encrypt sensitive emails such as those sent by government, financial or legal institutions, and protect their personal or business data.  A key feature of IronCAP X is the digital signature of emails to confirm the sender’s identity.  This feature can shut down the source of most malicious activities such as ransomware attacks and phishing email scams.

Becoming quantum-safe 1-year-too-early or 1-year-too-late is everything.  Join top cyber consultants to become quantum-safe with IronCAP today.

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