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How To Remotely Access Your Desktop On An Android Tablet

01 Commuique, a leading manufacturer of innovative remote desktop solutions in North America makes it easy for mobile users to access their desktops remotely.

The I’m InTouch Go is a newly developed remote desktop app that was released after the launch of remote desktop control software. It allows I’m InTouchusers to access their remote computer from their mobile devices.

Our I’m InTouch remote PC access enables users to open up their computers with our software of remote desktop for android tablet.

How does the remote desktop for Android tablet work

Once the remote desktop software has been installed into your home or office computer, you will be at once able to get remote access via the mobile device.

  • Download the remote desktop app from Google Play onto your Android tablet.
  • Next, you will have to start the I’m InTouch Go app on your Android device and select one of the options to access the I’m InTouch-enabled computer (Access by the computer name or by the login ID and password)
  • Once you access the I’m InTouch-enabled computer, you will be able to view and manage all the files, information and the programs located at the I’m InTouch-enabled computer when you need it, no matter where you are located.

The Remote Desktop App For Android

Our software for remote PC access is designed specifically for Android users to remotely access the I’m InTouch-enable computer, so that you are able to:

  • Change the settings on the host computer.
  • Listen to audio files or watch the videos played at the host computer.
  • Restart the host computer.
  • Wake-up the computer if it has been turned off.
  • Perform any task while on the move as if you are directly accessing the computer.

The app has been launched in conjunction with the iPad/iPhone app and both the applications have the same features and usability.

Download The Remote Desktop App

The remote desktop app is available for download from Google Play. You will be able to instantly install the remote desktop connection app on the device, thereby simplifying the task of getting the remote access to the desktop.

In addition to downloading the free remote desktop app, new users will be able to get a free 30 day trial version of the remote desktop software from 01 Communique.

How the I’m InTouch Go Remote Computer Access Works?

There are 2 components that will establish a remote desktop connection

There will be a remote control software that is installed on the PC that you wish to access remotely.

I’m InTouch patented technology that will track and connect you to the PC via Internet.

It’s quite easy to gain access to your remote desktop on an Android device

Step #1: Install the I’m InTouch software into the PC that you want to access remotely

You could use your Android phone. The only configuration that you will need to selecting the computer name and other login information.

Step #2: Log in to your remote desktop with the help of the I’m InTouch Go app

You could use any mobile device with Android and an Internet connection to access the PC at a distant location. Simply login to your remote desktop using the I’m InTouch Go app and enter the computer name and login information.

Step #3: You are now ready to access your PC

Once the above mentioned steps are performed, you are ready to enjoy unperturbed access to the PC at a distant place.

Setting up the software and getting up and running just takes a few minutes. Not only do you connect quickly, but our software provides secure access to your PC.

Prominent features of the I’m InTouch Go App:

PC Remote Control: It allows you to login to your computer from a distant place with your Android device with internet connection.

Central Administration: The central administration from I’m InTouch will allow you to manage and access all the computers with the I’m InTouch computers from a single device.

Pocket PC Remote Control: Your pocket PC android device will allow you to connect to the PC. With the remote desktop connection, you will be able to run the files as if you were sitting in front of the PC.

File Management: You are able to transfer files to and from your Android device with the help of the File Transfer feature available with the software.

Remote Audio: The remote audio support will allow users to listen to music, watch videos, and run those programs that require sound during the remote control session.

Smart Remote Desktop Viewer: Through the remote desktop connection, our Smart Remote Desktop Viewer will ensure that your distant desktop is intelligently scaled to be accessed on other device.

Multi Monitor Support: Why do you need to use only one monitor when you could use 2 or 3. The I’m InTouch remote desktop software will support multi monitor setup on your host computer.

Full Customization: There are a variety of privacy and functionality options that allow you to customize the way your PC behaves while the remote session is running.

Who Could Use The I’m InTouch Go App

Mobile Workers: You could create a remote desktop connection and get access to programs, applications, files on your home or office PC anytime.

PDA Users: You are able to receive immediate notifications of new emails that arrive at your office or home PC.

Sales Professionals: They could access confidential client information stored in a distant PC securely with the help of your Android device.


The wide range of I’m InTouch products allow remote access and control service that will allow individuals remote access, and they will never feel away from the office or home to access the information and essential business tools. With our softwares, numerous companies have experienced the ease and security that we have to provide.