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I’m InTouch Meeting – More than just an Online Meeting Product

Nowadays, making conference calls and on-line meetings are essential everyday activities for many businesses with clients and offices in different geographical area.  It is evident that there are great time and money savings if employees are able to communicate efficiently and hold engaging meetings without leaving their offices.  With I’m InTouch Meeting, not only will you save time in travelling, you will also save money in booking venues, hotels and transportation and thus increasing productivity of your workforce.

Sometimes conference calls are sufficient and you may want to have a meeting via the phone only.  Typically you will need a separate phone conferencing system.  With I’m InTouch Meeting, you can do both on-line meetings and a standalone phone conference easily and cost-effectively.

Standalone Phone Conference

You can use I’m InTouch Meeting to conduct a phone conference without involving the computer.  In other words, you can use I’m InTouch Meeting to replace your standard plain phone conference line, plus having the flexibility of assigning different Meeting IDs and passwords for different events.

IIT M-standalone phone conference


I’m InTouch Meeting gives you this flexibility for on-line and standalone phone meetings all in one solution.  Since the efficient use of technological resource plays a big role in the success of a business in any industry, incorporating a conferencing solution like I’m InTouch Meeting into your company can provide you with the edge that you have always been looking for.

More Than a Tool for Technical Support

Imagine having a single tool for your business that can handle your Technical Support, your Pre-Sales, and your General Customer Service enquiries. I’m OnCall is a very cost-effective tool that lets your business provide a centralized access point on its web site for customers to get help. It will ease tracking and communication between different departments and clients. Its newly implemented “Live Chat” and “Queuing” features will give customers a pathway to communicate with your company other than the phone.

Live Chat

The Live Chat feature of I’m OnCall can essentially eliminate your customer service phone lines. Customers can submit live chat requests by clicking the Live-Chat button on your web site which is embedded with an URL given by I’m OnCall.  Your agents simply pick up requests and perform real-time live chat with the customers via the Internet.  Customers may leave call-back requests if the queue is busy.

Queue Management

You can customize up to 3 URLs to embed into your web site to provide Live-Chat support to your customers.  For example, you may create a “Live-Chat (Pre-sales)” button, a “Live-Chat (After-sales)” button and a “Customer Service” button.  Each button embeds a different URL.  Different Live-Chat buttons will submit live-chat requests to a different queue.  You can assign different Agents to service different queues which is similar to how you would direct calls to different departments in a traditional phone support system.

Each queue can be configured differently to allow customers to submit a Live-Chat request to a particular Agent ID# (similar to entering an extension # in a traditional phone support system) or just submit a request for the next available Agent without specifying any Agent ID#.  (Please refer to the “Users Tab” section for details about configuring the Chat ID# for the Agents.)

You can configure the Greeting Message, the Disabled Message, and the Office-closed Message for each Live-Chat queue.  The Office-closed Message will be shown according to the Office Hour Settings.  You can also enter your greeting messages manually.

As you can see, I’m OnCall is a tool that not just works for Technical Support.  It is useful for other departments which need to deal with customers as well.  Keeping everything centralized will streamline your staff management, improve overall productivity and help you to provide good customer service.

Wakeup-on-LAN for Your Windows Can Save Energy and PC life

Having a server at home is a great luxury. However having a computer running 24×7 is an extreme waste of energy. Turning it on and off manually is not very appealing too. Luckily we don’t need to do either any more. Your Windows PC can easily be configured to be shut down when not in use and with I’m InTouch, it can be woke up remotely upon access.

For companies that are environmental conscious, I’m InTouch’s Wakeup-on-LAN function will provide a great means to reduce energy usage.

How does the Remote Wake-Up feature work?

If you attempt to remotely access your computer which has been powered off, I’m InTouch will notify another I’m InTouch computer on your local network to send a wake-up signal to turn on your computer.  In order for remote wake-up to work, at least one computer on your network must be on and designated as the wake-up proxy in I’m InTouch to send the wake-up signal to other computers.

What are the requirements for Remote Wake-Up?

• A minimum of 2 PCs on the same wired network with the I’m InTouch client software installed. At least one PC must be designated as the Wake-Up Proxy and be powered on to wake up other computers on the network.

• The computer you want to wake-up must have a BIOS and a network card that support Wake-Up-On-LAN. This feature must also be enabled in both the BIOS and the network card properties in Windows.

• The administrator must enable the Remote Wake-Up function in the user settings page of the I’m InTouch computer you wish to power on and assign a Wake-Up password.

How do I enable Remote Wake-Up in my I’m InTouch administrator account?

1. Login to your administrator account from

2. From the List of Computers page, check those computers of which Remote Wake-Up properties you wish to change and click the User settings/Activate link.

3. On the User Settings page, ensure that the Remote Wakeup feature has been enabled for each computer. We also recommend enabling the Remote Wake-Up Proxy option so that any computer on the same network can act as the proxy to wake up other computers. Remember, at least one computer has to have the Wake-Up Proxy enabled and be turned on in order for other computers to be remotely powered on.

Using our patented I’m InTouch Remote Wake up technology will ensure continuous compliance with your green IT policies, and take advantage of the cost savings in power management.

I’m InTouch Helps You Support Remote Workers

Do you have workers who travel frequently or often work away from the office setting? Given the proper resources, a computer, an Internet connection and access to the company’s internal network, more and more people are opting to work from home or other remote locations. All these remote workforce puts forward increasing challenges to your IT Service desktop support them.

Make Services Available 24/7

The more scattered your workforce becomes; the more crucial it is to provide services around the clock. With the I’m InTouch service, your remote staff would have 24/7 access to their host systems in the office. And with our patented technology, there is no need for costly VPNs to be configured and maintained.

Security Measures

Traveling workers also pose greater security threats, because their devices are constantly at risk of being lost, stolen, or broken. If they use I’m InTouch to remotely work on their office PC’s, all data remains secure on your office premise. They don’t need to duplicate files and data onto their laptops. So there is no worry about confidential information being leaked if their laptop/mobile devices are lost or stolen.  This along with the 256-bit SSL Data Encryption, Dual Login Passwords and other security measures, I’m InTouch provides you with a safe and secure remote access solution.

Managing remote employees has its challenges but with the I’m InTouch service, businesses can provide a tool that supports their remote workforce easily and efficiently.