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#QuantumComputers are here and available for anybody to use

Could Quantum Hacks be the “Cyber Pearl Harbor”?

It’s a known fact that quantum computers are here and readily available for anybody to use. You read that right! They’ve arrived – the world’s first portable #quantum computers from #SpinQ. They’re not cheap, find out more at:

Back in 2019, IBM had already unveiled their first commercial quantum computer.  In the same year, Google claimed quantum supremacy, and even Amazon offered their quantum computers for the public to use via their cloud service BRAKET.  In the summer of 2020, Honeywell announced that their quantum computers were superior to IBM’s and Google’s.  They also claimed they would increase their quantum volume 10X each year.  In December 2020, China’s University of Science and Technology announced their version of quantum computers claiming a million times faster than IBM’s and Google’s.  It’s evident that the global quantum computing race has begun some time ago already.

All of the above is just information available to the open world.  We have no idea what the closed world (i.e. national level) entails. Every day we hear news on cyberattacks at companies or government agencies that seemed unreachable before.  A quantum hack could have very well arrived quietly.  What do you think about the SolarWinds hack? The ransomware attack on the US JBS meat processing company and the Colonial Pipeline? The list goes on. Still got doubts? Here are what industry experts said at our latest quantum-safe readiness webinar.

Florin A. F., Director of CGI Innovation Center Montreal said, “…We think quantum computing is in the future and is a future risk. The reality is that every and each document that is stored today somewhere on a system for a financial institution is actually a potential document that is under attack…”

Asif Qayyum, Managing Director, Digital Security Risk & Controls at PwC Canada said, “…However one thing is for sure that everyone is realizing that the Q-day might have already occurred …..and because a breach that could have happened or a database which is encrypted but lying somewhere there, as soon as that readiness or availability of technology comes into the hand of these adversarial players that is going to explode multi-fold…”

These are just a little excerpt from the valuable insight these leaders provided at the webinar. You can watch the complete webinar here:

It’s believed that quantum hacking is approaching fast. This will render all the current encryptions vulnerable and hence make internet data, banking transactions, emails and etc. defenseless. We CANNOT emphasize enough on the urgency to upgrade the entire digital world to become quantum-safe.

You need to act now!

We at IronCAP™ have been trying to educate businesses and individuals that Q-day (the day the first quantum hack is publicly recognized) is around the corner and everybody needs to gear up. Nation states and governments are already at it, how about you? To learn more, visit

IronCAP™ is our latest innovation for the post-quantum cybersecurity. This patent-protected, post-quantum cryptographic system is based on the Goppa Code-based cryptographic technology. It has embedded our proprietary subclass of (L, G) making it not only more secured but also has faster cryptographic operations (key generation, encryption, decryption) than the traditional Goppa Code-based technology (McEliece). We are offering a live demonstration for the general public to try and experience the strength of IronCAP™ post-quantum encryption easily. To learn more, visit

What is I’m InTouch Meeting?

I’m InTouch Meeting is a cost-effective, fast and yet powerful on-line meeting, web conferencing, and phone conferencing tool.  With I’m InTouch Meeting, you can easily meet colleagues at different geographical locations and make real time conversations.  Not only will you save time in travelling, you will also save time and money on booking venues, hotels and transportation.  It’s easy to use and you can be up and running meetings & conferences in minutes.


Shareable Licenses – You can create an unlimited number of web conferencing users under your account even you have only 1 subscribed license. When an employee needs to start a meeting, he/she simply uses one of the available licenses from the pool.  This allows corporate subscribers to start with a small number of licenses and add more when they see their existing licenses being fully utilized.

Real-time Screen Sharing – You can host live online meetings, share your desktop screen with all your attendees and allow them to collaborate – all in real-time. Powerful tools such as attendees list, real time chat window, attendees invitation controls, pause/re-start screen sharing, etc. are just clicks away.

Integrated Phone Conference – The moderator can provide a free unlimited telephone conference access number for the attendees to join. This means that they can be on a phone conference while sharing their computer screens. The toll-free option is available at a minimal additional fee.

Standalone Phone Conference – A phone conference can be conducted without involving the computer. In other words, you can use I’m InTouch Meeting to replace your standard plain phone conference line, plus having the flexibility of assigning different Meeting IDs and passwords for different events.

Whiteboard (Annotation) -The moderator and attendees can draw on the moderator’s screen with different color of annotations to identify their ideas. In other words, an attendee can easily point something out on the screen to draw emphasis on certain discussion point.

Attendees’ Access Rights Control – The moderator can control each attendee’s access rights before or during an online meeting session (e.g. assign or revoke a web conferencing attendee the ability to control the moderator’s screen).

File Transfer – The moderator and attendees can exchange files during an online meeting, online seminar, online training, etc. regardless of the file type or size. This means that you will not have the same issue of what files you can or cannot send as with email systems.

Remote Printing – An attendee can print from the moderator’s computer to his/her computer during an online meeting, online seminar, online training, etc. There is no setup or configuration required. Your attendees simply need to click Print and the document will be printed to their local printers.

Text and Audio Chat (VoIP) -The moderator and attendees can exchange ideas via a common chat window that supports both text and voice (online conference call).

Administrative/Statistics Tools – Powerful tools allow the Administrator to manage meetings, review historical sessions, manage users, customize invitation email, etc.

In summary this feature-filled product is the ideal online meeting software for all business and non-business functions.  Remove geographical boundaries and increase your productivity by using I’m InTouch Meeting!

I’m InTouch Meeting – More than just an Online Meeting Product

Nowadays, making conference calls and on-line meetings are essential everyday activities for many businesses with clients and offices in different geographical area.  It is evident that there are great time and money savings if employees are able to communicate efficiently and hold engaging meetings without leaving their offices.  With I’m InTouch Meeting, not only will you save time in travelling, you will also save money in booking venues, hotels and transportation and thus increasing productivity of your workforce.

Sometimes conference calls are sufficient and you may want to have a meeting via the phone only.  Typically you will need a separate phone conferencing system.  With I’m InTouch Meeting, you can do both on-line meetings and a standalone phone conference easily and cost-effectively.

Standalone Phone Conference

You can use I’m InTouch Meeting to conduct a phone conference without involving the computer.  In other words, you can use I’m InTouch Meeting to replace your standard plain phone conference line, plus having the flexibility of assigning different Meeting IDs and passwords for different events.

IIT M-standalone phone conference


I’m InTouch Meeting gives you this flexibility for on-line and standalone phone meetings all in one solution.  Since the efficient use of technological resource plays a big role in the success of a business in any industry, incorporating a conferencing solution like I’m InTouch Meeting into your company can provide you with the edge that you have always been looking for.

Companies Increase Sales Using Webinars

Webinars are virtual meetings that connect people from anywhere in the world and are used for a variety of purposes. Webinars can be effectively used as sales promotions to present and publicize a new product or product line. In today’s “Hurry up because I do not have time to waste” world, the webinar has rapidly become a tool for business to increase productivity while reducing cost.


To conduct a successful webinar, you need to be use a reliable webinar platform. I’m InTouch Meeting is that platform!

With our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use features, you can create an interactive learning environment with I’m InTouch Meeting within minutes. The benefits include:

  • Easy interface to send invitations and host web conferences
  • Simple participant login process
  • Unlimited on-line meetings for multiple users with no overage fees
  • Secure web conferencing with passwords, data encryption, session time outs and more
  • Interactive user features such as whiteboards, file transfers and remote printing

I’m InTouch Meeting will help your business attract a larger audience to pitch your product. It can be used for remote presentations and, solve potential client problems which helps convert leads to sales. I’m InTouch Meeting can also be used to conduct remote training and help building relationships with new customers. With a low monthly fee, you will find out the I’m InTouch Meeting is one of the most cost-effective web-conferencing solutions in the market today.


Top 4 Ways 01 Communique’s Web Conferencing Software Will Benefit Your Business

In today’s competitive world, it is inevitable for businesses to streamline and upgrade their operations that not only helps them in reducing costs, but also increases efficiency at various levels. This also applies to the technology used within the business organization in order to keep the company ahead with the moving times and also get an edge in the global marketplace.

01 Communique understands how crucial it is for you to save time, money, and improve communication to stimulate the business. We know how wonderful it feels when you are able to save money on travel expenses by holding a meeting without being physically present at that place. With I’m InTouch Meeting, it is quite possible now to hold online seminars, sales demonstrations, online training, web conferencing and more.

I’m InTouch Meeting is a revolution in the field of web conferencing programs, as it allows you to meet your clients online and carry out the proceedings just like you would do in a physical meeting.


Things That You Could Do With 01 Communique’s I’m InTouch Meeting

Web Conferencing: With I’m InTouch web conferencing software, you are able to link computers from all over the world. Participants of the conference are able to view the exact screen or the slide shows that are shown on the host’s PC.

Online Training: The software provides participants easy and convenient access to your training materials. Classes could be conducted live or recorded in advance, giving the participants secure access to to the training session.

Sales Demonstrations: A sales demonstration is your highly valuable tool to enhance the sales figures of your product. With I’m InTouch web conferencing software you could stimulate your prospects’ interest by giving them a peek into your product or service.

Webinars: I’m InTouch’s screen sharing feature is best suited for conducting live webinars, wherein you could invite multiple participants to attend your online webinar.


With a plethora of options that you could use the I’m InTouch Meeting software for, your business communication is definitely in good hands. Business communication is the tool that plays a huge role in generating revenue, building relationships, and more. Ensure that you have the best in technology to smoothen the process.