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You Can Stop Ransomware Attacks Today. So Why Wait?!

Disruptive ransomware attacks are on the rise.  Just in the last few months, we witnessed the LinkedIn data breach, the JBS attack, the SolarWinds hack, the Kaseya ransomware attack and many more.  It is evident that making cybersecurity front and center is critical. Industry experts are expecting the global cybersecurity market to surpass USD $400 billion in 2028.  All these signal that not only business leaders but ordinary people using the internet should not wait for a bad incident to occur before making a move.

In June 2021, LinkedIn data was compromised. The records of 700 million clients are now for sale on the dark web. This happened in the blink of an eye but what is worse is the ripple effect for users that used important passwords for LinkedIn.  Even if their passwords were not breached, there is still valuable data that can be used for identity theft and phishing attempts.  Hackers are constantly phishing for data, sending out millions of fake security alerts and bank alerts email everyday. If they can provide some “legitimate” information (from the breached data) on their phishing email, they will look more convincing and recipients are more prompted to click on the malicious links.

Think about this – LinkedIn, JBS, Colonial Pipeline and all other multi-billion-dollar corporations have unlimited resources to safeguard their data but still got hacked, what are the chances that smaller companies can secure their data?  The answer is, you have good chances if you secure you email communications.

Most ransomware attacks come from phishing emails.  You click on just one malicious link and you risk having your private information breached, email message content and attachment being intercepted and altered, and suffering financial and creditability damages.  Therefore, you should secure your emails today. IronCAP X™ is THE SOLUTION TO STOP PHISHING!

IronCAP X™ is easy to install, a is user-friendly and a cost-effective solution. Its quantum safe, end-to-end email encryption eliminates the intermediary server, and its digital signature feature authenticates a legitimate sender from a malicious one. IronCAP X™ will be your armor to eliminate ransomware attacks.  An ounce of prevention (IronCAP X™) is worth a pound of cure (data loss). The choice is yours!

We cannot change how the world runs but we can adapt to the new environments and protect ourselves with the best available.  To find out more about how IronCAP X™ can help you to eliminate phishing attacks, visit



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Cybersecurity a Top Concern for World Leaders

This year alone we saw two major cyber-attacks in the United States of America – the SolarWinds hack and the Colonial Pipeline ransomware cyber-attack. They have shown us a mirror on how vulnerable other countries are to similar attacks. Government bodies and infrastructure have not been the only targets – the healthcare sectors, finance industries, educational institutions, travelling industries, cybersecurity providers, and the list goes on.  Everyone has witnessed or even suffered from a massive cyber-attack in the past one year.

These cyber-attacks have shown clearly that we MUST upgrade our cybersecurity measures. The world is not equipped to handle cyber-attacks today.  It is unimaginable what can happen with the arrival of quantum threats.

According to The Wall Street Journal, recent ransomware attack victims, Colonial Pipeline and the chemical distribution firm Brenntag had both paid the equivalent of $4.4 million ransoms, while the JBS meat processing company had paid $11 million to end the cyber attack.  After Colonial Pipeline’s payment was announced, their CEO Joseph Blount said, “I didn’t make it lightly.  I will admit that I wasn’t comfortable seeing money go out the door to people like this. But it was the right thing to do for the country.”

A survey conducted by the security firm Kaspersky suggested more than half of the ransomware victims in 2021 paid up to regain access to their own information.  This has not just caused monetary loss but also credibility loss.

It is imperative that all business and government leaders should act NOW.  It is far cheaper to upgrade your security measures with IronCAP™ than paying a hefty ransom to hackers.  IronCAP™’s patent-pending post-quantum cryptography is designed to be integrated with all kinds of vertical solutions such as email/file encryption, remote access/VPN, cloud storage, 5G/IoT, blockchains, financial transactions, etc.  Based on the “un-crackable” 50-year Goppa code-based theory, proven “un-hackable” in global hackathons (2019-2021) and endorsed by numerous industry experts, IronCAPTM can safeguard you from cyber threats today and in the quantum computing era.

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