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01 Communique signs Technology Licensing Agreement with Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd. in Japan

IronCAP has put its foot in the door with Japan, the hub for technological advancements, to lead the cyber security world.

01 Communique Laboratory Inc. signed a technology Licensing Agreement with Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd., for the Japanese market. The Japanese market realizes that Quantum attacks are very real and we need to protect out data. With RSA’s obsolete technology we are vulnerable to hackers and that’s where IronCAP comes into play with its unique cryptographic technology, it is here to protect our data for today’s conventional and tomorrow’s quantum computers.

CEO, Andrew Cheung, is very confident in IronCAP’s technology and to be sure, also put it to test. IronCAP hosted a Hackathon in 2019, a challenge to any participants who could hack IronCAP would win 100,000 Canadian dollars. But to the glory of IronCAP nobody was able to hack its unique technology. IronCAP is the future of cyber-security and the partnership with Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd., is just the beginning of many more to come.

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01 Communique announces live demo of its new product IronCAP X

On April 23rd, 01 Communique is hosting its Annual Shareholder’s Meeting along with the launch and live demo of newest product, IronCAP X.

IronCAP X is the world’s first Quantum-safe email encryption for personal use and is free. Right now, most email traffic is not protected and the protection available is highly ineffective against the imminent threat of Quantum hacking.

IronCAP X uses industry recognized GPG technology reinforced with IronCAP Quantum-safe encryption. It is faster than other encryption methods, end-to-end encryption, guaranteed safe against hacking now future Quantum attacks. IronCAP is user friendly and easy to install.

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01 Communique is offering FREE Usage of I’m InTouch Remote Access Services for 120 Days as Covid-19 Expands


FREE safe remote access!

While this pandemic takes over our lives, our work life has become difficult to cope.
01 Communique had foreseen the importance of working remotely and has adopted that culture for many years.

The massive increase in remote “at home” access, current remote protocol and encryption, products can’t keep up with demand. But 01 Communique can and is providing access to its state-of-the-art remote access product “I’m InTouch” for FREE for the next 120 days, from March 23rd to July 23rd.  This is CEO, Andrew Cheung’s way of giving back to our community in times of need and distress in order to ease working from home and help business suffer less.

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs are at risk right now but can remedy that by clicking this link to gain free access to remote access service:

01 Communique Announces the Launch of IronCAP X Free Version

01 Communique announces their IronCAP X free version to be launched this April 23rd, an email encryption product for personal usage.

01 Communique has spent many years building the IronCAP Cryptographic Engine and is now ready to release IronCAP X, which is a quantum-safe email encryption product providing protection for all types of users and is designed to integrate with everyday email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and others.

This IronCAP X free version for personal usage is designed as a showcase of the underlying IronCAP technology. Availability of the IronCAP X Business Usage paid version will be announced shortly after. IronCAP cryptography engine is quantum safe, low cost, easy to install; and designed to replace RSA quickly and easily. 01 Communique President,  Andrew Cheung, believes IronCAP is much faster and safer than RSA and encourage users to give our product a try to see for themselves.

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01 Communique partners with Hitachi Solutions Create. Ltd., to help employees with the COVID-19 outbreak

01 Communique announced together with Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd.,  a 2-month free usage offer of DoMobile remote access services from March 2, 2020 to May 31, 2020 in Japan. This offer is to support the business community during the Coronavirus outbreak.

DoMobile is 01 Communique’s I’m InTouch remote access service that allows mobile professionals and telecommuters to connect and interact with their office computer to access the information and essential business tools they need from anywhere, anytime using any computer or wireless device with an Internet connection.

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