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Can I be alerted only on important emails while not bothered by numerous unwanted notifications?

YES!!  I’m InTouch gives you this magical touch!!

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Traditional mobile email apps are “All or Nothing” in their notification features.  This means either you will not be alerted when an important email has come in or you will be bothered by numerous unwanted notifications.

I’m InTouch allows you to set up an intelligent “hot list” of email addresses or domains.  You will only be notified when you have received emails from those on the “hot list”.  When you hear a notification, with a single click on your mobile device you can open and read that important email on your Outlook at the remote PC instantly.

Put it simple, with I’m InTouch, you have the peace of mind that you won’t miss any important email while on the go.  Yet you won’t be bothered by numerous unwanted notifications.

You PC with Outlook must have I’m InTouch installed.  You also need to download the free app I’m InTouch GoMail on your mobile device on which you wish to receive notification.