More Than a Tool for Technical Support

Imagine having a single tool for your business that can handle your Technical Support, your Pre-Sales, and your General Customer Service enquiries. I’m OnCall is a very cost-effective tool that lets your business provide a centralized access point on its web site for customers to get help. It will ease tracking and communication between different departments and clients. Its newly implemented “Live Chat” and “Queuing” features will give customers a pathway to communicate with your company other than the phone.

Live Chat

The Live Chat feature of I’m OnCall can essentially eliminate your customer service phone lines. Customers can submit live chat requests by clicking the Live-Chat button on your web site which is embedded with an URL given by I’m OnCall.  Your agents simply pick up requests and perform real-time live chat with the customers via the Internet.  Customers may leave call-back requests if the queue is busy.

Queue Management

You can customize up to 3 URLs to embed into your web site to provide Live-Chat support to your customers.  For example, you may create a “Live-Chat (Pre-sales)” button, a “Live-Chat (After-sales)” button and a “Customer Service” button.  Each button embeds a different URL.  Different Live-Chat buttons will submit live-chat requests to a different queue.  You can assign different Agents to service different queues which is similar to how you would direct calls to different departments in a traditional phone support system.

Each queue can be configured differently to allow customers to submit a Live-Chat request to a particular Agent ID# (similar to entering an extension # in a traditional phone support system) or just submit a request for the next available Agent without specifying any Agent ID#.  (Please refer to the “Users Tab” section for details about configuring the Chat ID# for the Agents.)

You can configure the Greeting Message, the Disabled Message, and the Office-closed Message for each Live-Chat queue.  The Office-closed Message will be shown according to the Office Hour Settings.  You can also enter your greeting messages manually.

As you can see, I’m OnCall is a tool that not just works for Technical Support.  It is useful for other departments which need to deal with customers as well.  Keeping everything centralized will streamline your staff management, improve overall productivity and help you to provide good customer service.