01 Communique signs Technology Licensing Agreement with Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd. in Japan

IronCAP has put its foot in the door with Japan, the hub for technological advancements, to lead the cyber security world.

01 Communique Laboratory Inc. signed a technology Licensing Agreement with Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd., for the Japanese market. The Japanese market realizes that Quantum attacks are very real and we need to protect out data. With RSA’s obsolete technology we are vulnerable to hackers and that’s where IronCAP comes into play with its unique cryptographic technology, it is here to protect our data for today’s conventional and tomorrow’s quantum computers.

CEO, Andrew Cheung, is very confident in IronCAP’s technology and to be sure, also put it to test. IronCAP hosted a Hackathon in 2019, a challenge to any participants who could hack IronCAP would win 100,000 Canadian dollars. But to the glory of IronCAP nobody was able to hack its unique technology. IronCAP is the future of cyber-security and the partnership with Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd., is just the beginning of many more to come.

Learn more: https://www.accesswire.com/583200/01-Communique-Signs-Technology-Licensing-Agreement-with-Hitachi-Solutions-Create-Ltd-in-Japan