A Cybersecurity CEO In This Pandemic

Cybersecurity CEO, Andrew Cheung, at IronCAP sees this pandemic very differently than most CEO’s in other industries. COVID-19 has brought about a plague of cybercrime, phishing has never been so easy! This gives IronCAP the opportunity to shine, boost encryption, use bullet proof digital signatures and protect the data of users beyond anything that came before.

Through revolutionary technology, Andrew Cheung has achieved highest levels of security to protect your data now and in the quantum future. With Andrew’s 20+ years of experience in remote protocols and communication, IronCAP and its owner 01 Communique have been remote for more than 20 years! This allows Andrew to maintain control of day-to-day operations, manage staff remotely, and keep product launches on track.

Andrew said, “While it’s not easy we have to keep moving forward. I have created the technology (IronCAP) to ensure our users across the globe can protect their private data against current and future cyberattacks.” The unique cryptographic technology, digital signatures and end-to-end encryption not only insulate us from Phishing attacks but will completely eliminate Man In The Middle attacks too.

IronCAP is designed to be a bolt-on replacement of current cryptography (e.g. RSA) as it is compatible with existing infrastructure. Now more than ever a cybersecurity CEO wants to provide a safe cyberspace for people to freely navigate. IronCAP’s quantum-safe cryptography solution enables the construction of public-key infrastructure (PKI) to secure users against any adversary equipped with a quantum computer which is imminent. It encrypts data transmitted over the Internet, and is radically redesigned so that it is faster than RSA, can withstand a quantum computer cyberattack, and does not allow “back door” access to the data. Also, email messages sent using IronCAP X on a laptop or a mobile device, can NEVER be read by an unauthorized third party.

As a cybersecurity CEO, Andrew Cheung, in this rare pandemic envisions a future wherein, he with the help of technology can provide data protection and privacy to all.