Quantum-Safe Encryption Wake Up Call

There is an urgent need for quantum-safe encryption. This is a fact based on information from industry leaders, investments made by government agencies and large corporations. Here are some facts from 2020:

  1. The U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) invested $625 million on Quantum Research Science Centers and awarded $115 million to Quantum Systems Accelerator (QSA).
  2. Honeywell just launched its latest quantum computer with a quantum volume of 64 qubits and said it will increase its quantum volume 10-fold every year.
  3. IBM research director predicts a Quantum App store is arriving soon – a code repository where software developers can make their written code available to anyone.
  4. And IBM just committed to a functioning quantum computer with a 1,121 qubits quantum volume by 2023. A quantum computer that can tackle genuine real-world calculations.

From Google declaring Quantum supremacy in October 2019 to IBM claiming that we are already in the decade of Quantum Computing at the CES 2020 to then all of the quantum advancements above, we are certain the Quantum Computing revolution is accelerating dramatically! In fact, quantum hacking may be happening already. The world needs to be quantum-safe for pre and post quantum threats NOW.

Back in 2016, the National Security Agency (NSA) asked government agencies and companies to ACT NOW and be quantum-safe. Even industry expert Jeremy Kahn has said, “Quantum computers threaten to end digital security.” Our current securities systems such as RSA cannot protect you from quantum hacking.

IronCAP provides cryptographic quantum-safe encryption for your most valued asset AKA data. It can provide bulletproof encryption at a low cost for businesses and individuals. IronCAP’s technology is quantum-safe, fast, secure and has been vetted by industry leaders and corporations.

IronCAP’s encryption is the “vaccine” to the upcoming “Quantum Pandemic”.  Get your “immunization” TODAY!

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