Remote PC access software: All set to revolutionize the world

The Internet has drastically changed our lives. We can get our tasks done more quickly and efficiently. You may have heard about remote PC access software and its benefits. However, are you aware how it actually works?

The phrase, remote computer access refers to the ability to use your PC from any place in the world. A number of people opt to work from home, or do part time jobs. In such situations, remote PC access software proves to be a boon. Many companies provide remote PC access software, but 01 Communique is one such company that provides reliable and cost effective solutions to remotely access information from any part of the world. 01 Communique’s technologies have established a huge market for messaging and communications software with their well-known product lines.  I’m InTouch, is a remote access software and I’m OnCall is a help desk software. They also have optional security enhancing devices like I’m InTouch SecurePC and I’m InTouch SecureKEY.


With remote PC access, you can access remote computer from any computer or a wireless device with an Internet connection, stream music and operate webcam, access files, programs, and more. It facilitates two-way communication between remote PC and local device. You are able to run your application, synchronize files, listen to audio remotely, or remotely printing documents from your distant computer to a local printing. It is possible to secure services, support password protection, encrypt data transfers, etc. from remote access. It also includes automatic time out if you forget to logout from the session. This prevents others from accessing the remote PC later.

When you have remote PC access software, you know what is going on in your office and at home. Hence, it is a necessary option in today’s fast paced and technology driven world. You are only living in the stone-age without the I’m InTouch series of products.

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