Cyberattacks – recognized as a serious threat

On April 12th, 2021, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said, “Cyberattacks are now the foremost risk to the global financial system, even more so than the lending and liquidity risks that led to the 2008 financial crisis.”

If this isn’t a wake-up call to our cybersecurity, then what else is?

Powell also told CBS, “I would say that the risk that we keep our eyes on the most now is cyber risk.” This isn’t just a financial system risk but instead a global risk to all industries. The most recent leak of 533 million Facebook users’ personal information on a hacking forum was another wake-up call for the entire ecosystem. Is your encryption system better than Facebook?  Better than Microsoft?  Better than top government agencies?  If the answer is NO then you’ve got to hurry and do something about your cybersecurity strategy NOW!

IronCAP is the obvious choice for your cybersecurity for many reasons and here are the top TWO:

  1. Our unique, quantum-safe encryption technology is IMMUNE to attack methodologies used for traditional encryption systems such as RSA. Therefore, IronCAP can protect you from cyber-attacks TODAY and in the post-quantum era. This is not just us saying it but in fact PROVEN in 2 global hackathons (2019 and 2021). The IronCAP cryptography is unscathed, and the choice of many powerful industry leaders.
  2. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been studying encryption for the post-quantum era and has settled on a group of 15 finalists with two favorable approaches: one is the code-based cryptosystem, and two is the lattice-based cryptosystem. The code-based approach is time tested and powerful whereas the lattice-based approach is less time-tested than the code-based.  AND you will need to wait for 2-3 years for NIST to release the final result, which is to choose one winner from each category. Interestingly out of these 15 finalists there is just ONE candidate standing strong on the code-based approach, making it the obvious winner in this category.  IronCAP is based on the same 40-year-old, time tested, Goppa code-based methodology that’s recognized by NIST.

IronCAP’s quantum-safe cryptography keeps digital assets, digital infrastructure, trade secrets and customer data safe from hackers, whether they use traditional computers or quantum computing technology.

It is a no-brainer choice to have IronCAP to safeguard your data against cyber-attacks today, and in the post-quantum era.

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