Quantum Hacks could be the “Cyber Pearl Harbor”

It’s a known fact that quantum computers are here and readily available for anybody to use. You read that right!  Back in 2019, IBM had already unveiled their first commercial quantum computer.  In the same year, Google claimed quantum supremacy, and even Amazon offered their quantum computers for the public to use via their cloud service BRAKET.  In the summer of 2020, Honeywell announced that their quantum computers were superior to IBM’s and Google’s.  They also claimed they would increase their quantum volume 10X each year.  In December 2020, China’s University of Science and Technology announced their version of quantum computers claiming a million times faster than IBM’s and Google’s.  It’s evident that the global quantum computing race has begun some time ago already.

All of the above is just information available to the open world.  We have no idea what the closed world (i.e. national level) entails. Every day we hear news on cyberattacks at companies or government agencies that seemed unreachable before.  A quantum hack could have very well arrived quietly.  What do you think about the SolarWinds hack? The ransomware attack on the US JBS meat processing company and the Colonial Pipeline? The list goes on. Still got doubts? Here are what industry experts said at our latest quantum-safe readiness webinar.

Florin A. F., Director of CGI Innovation Center Montreal said, “…We think quantum computing is in the future and is a future risk. The reality is that every and each document that is stored today somewhere on a system for a financial institution is actually a potential document that is under attack…”

Asif Qayyum, Managing Director, Digital Security Risk & Controls at PwC Canada said, “…However one thing is for sure that everyone is realizing that the Q-day might have already occurred …..and because a breach that could have happened or a database which is encrypted but lying somewhere there, as soon as that readiness or availability of technology comes into the hand of these adversarial players that is going to explode multi-fold…”

These are just a little excerpt from the valuable insight these leaders provided at the webinar. You can watch the complete webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy0el3lCosU

It’s believed that quantum hacking is approaching fast. This will render all the current encryptions vulnerable and hence make internet data, banking transactions, emails and etc. defenseless. We CANNOT emphasize enough on the urgency to upgrade the entire digital world to become quantum-safe.

Let’s not forget the ransom demands are a very small fraction of the total damage caused by these cyberattacks. Business shut downs, loss of invaluable data, the PR costs and credibility damage can be hundred times more than the ransom price tag.  And IronCAPTM, the world’s first commercially available quantum-safe encryption solution can safeguard you from cyberattacks today and in the quantum future.  Don’t let quantum hacks become the cyber Pearl Harbor.  All business leaders and government officials should act now.  To learn more, visit www.ironcap.ca.