Is IBM accelerating the #quantumcomputer development trajectory?

IBM has unveiled 4 new quantum processors that it plans to use in a quantum supercomputer!

Last week IBM updated its quantum computing roadmap for the 3rd time since the first one was published. In this new roadmap, IBM has provided new tools for kernel developers, algorithm developers, and model developers. These developments all require new hardware, software, and new architecture.

The roadmap suggests that IBM will accelerate quantum’s expected trajectory by developing quantum processors that have the potential to scale to hundreds of thousands of qubits several years earlier than expected – and that’s a problem for current security, when it’s not quantum safe!

If IBM’s roadmap is implemented, it will change the landscape of quantum computing. 10 years ago, CPU-centric supercomputing was the exclusive domain of government and researchers for solving large and complex scientific problems. Since then, it has been democratized and transformed into various types of AI-centric supercomputing used in almost every industry today.

This roadmap is IBM’s plan to create a new family of quantum processors, software, and services that will lead to the realization of the next generation of supercomputers, a quantum-centric supercomputer. The combined resources of quantum processors, CPUs, and GPUs are expected to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. In short the Quantum timeline is no longer science fiction – it now looks like this …

  • 2023 – Condor with 1121 Qubits
  • 2024 – Flamingo with 1386 Qubits
  • 2025 – Kookaburra with 4158+ Qubits
  • 2026 onward – hundreds of thousands Qubits!

… and there’s the problem, all encryption is now rendered useless! – That’s why The White House has announced that President Joe Biden has signed a National Security Memorandum (NSM) aimed at maintaining U.S. leadership in quantum information sciences and to mitigate the risks of quantum computing to the Nation’s security. “A cryptanalytically relevant quantum computer could jeopardize civilian and military communications as well as undermine supervisory and control systems for critical infrastructure,” said GEN Paul M. Nakasone, Commander, USCYBERCOM, Director, NSA/Chief, CSS. “The No. 1 defense against this quantum computing threat is to implement quantum-resistant cryptography on our most important systems.”

You need to act now!

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