A Basic Guide To Understand The Working Of A Remote Desktop Connection

On how many occasions have you felt the need of accessing your desktop from a distant place while on a meeting or a family gathering? Or, if you are able to access the data from a distant PC, security of data might be your main concern?

Do not let these factors affect your work, as there is a safe and convenient solution available for accessing your desktop securely from a far away place. The I’m InTouch from 01 Communique offers completely secure applications for accessing desktop from a distant place.

Advantages of Using The Remote Access Software

  • This software helps in centralizing the desktop support for tasking and delivery amidst a wide assembly of computers that are separated by physical locations. Thus, it makes it integral for saving valuable time of organization. In addition to that, it cuts down communication time and certain costs. It also helps in attaining fast system administration service.
  • With this software, problems with an organization are addressed instantly, despite the administrator’s location at that point of time. The software also eliminates the need of large teams of IT administration at each location. Remote connection management becomes much more efficient by utilizing a server administrator.
  • At a more sophisticated level, the connection capacitates the business owner to access programs and files on his or her work computer while enjoying the vacation. Similarly, this effective business solution capacitates an employee to finish work at home using the files on the computer in the office premises located far away from their homes. For business owners and employees alike, the tool offers some great utility and flexibility that helps in getting the desired results regardless of location where they are currently. What more? It also helps in cutting down the operational costs.

Who All Could Use This Software?

Remote desktop services are cost-effective infrastructure platform for all types of organization, particularly those organizations with a mobile workforce, structured task workers or knowledge workers who need a flexible desktop or the application process, including contractors, offshore workers and office workers who require a free seating environment. These services could significantly cut down remote deployment costs if the company is supporting home workers or remote offices. In addition to that, organizations that are daunted by the complexity of this application or desktop refreshes could benefit from remote desktop services. The deployment will magically speed up if a user is provided access to a new desktop environment or application via a remote desktop software. The same stands true for organizations that are not able to are are not willing to re-write applications. A remote desktop service allows them to enable existing applications from remote employees, customers, and partners.

Some Common Questions Pertaining To Remote Desktop Software from 01 Communique

How To Use Remote Desktop Connection?

The software has to be installed on the PC you want to access from anyplace. During the installation process, you are required to select a ComputerName, login name and password. The patented technology of 01 Communique uses the ComputerName to find your PC throughout the web, and also determine the subscription status of your PC.

For activation, you could access your computer from any place. 01 Communique’s technology will quickly help In establishing connection between the device that you are currently using and the distant computer. Each connection is encrypted with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 256 bit key encryption to ensure complete security of your data. This same encryption technology is used for most online banking applications.

What are the key features of I’m InTouch?

For Administrators:

  • All the computers could be grouped into a single account
  • You could list all the computers on a single page
  • Quickly get access to any of your computers with one click
  • Get access to a dedicated account manager

For the End-user:

  • Any computer or wireless device enables secure access
  • Run your desktop programs from a PC or Pocket PC
  • Access and view files
  • Print documents on local printer
  • Transfer files between two different PCs
  • Listen to audio or access your video files from a distant PC.

What are the system requirements for the I’m InTouch Software?

The minimum system requirements for the this software are:

  • Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7 and 8
  • 40MB free disk space
  • Outlook Express 6.0+, Outlook 2000+, or Windows Mail email client with Email Services Options as Corporate or Workgroup
  • Support for POP3 or Exchange Mail servers (IMAP not supported)
  • “Always On” Internet connection (e.g. cable modem, DSL, ISDN, T1, or LAN)
  • Latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

For Remote Wake-Up

  • There are a minimum of 2 computers required by the software in order to establish connection on the same wired network. One computer works as the computer you wish to wake-up access and the other will act as the “Wake-Up Proxy” to send wake-up signals to your host computer.
  • The host computer’s BIOS and network card have to support Wake-Up on LAN (WOL), and it just has to be enabled in both the systems.
  • The Wake-Up proxy must be already powered on.

How Could I Ensure Security?

The combination of SecurePC, SecureKey, and I’m InTouch software ensures that you get many security advantages over laptops and other remote software programs.

Data Loss Prevention

How will your business recover from the loss of important data such as information from your customers, credit card number and more if a laptop that contains all this information has been lost? Think of how many customers are you going to lose as they will be shifting to some other company.

This kind of situation has already been faced by numerous companies. However, you don’t have to worry as the SecurePC s here to help you. Once your employees have the access to SecurePC remote access terminals instead of laptops. All the information stays secure in the office PC while the employees are accessing the information from the SecurePC.

Stop access from unauthorized persons

The biggest worry for businesses  when giving remote access to main PC is that someone else may get the login information, and hence anyone could control the computer from any location. The SecureKey allows users to add an extra measure by protecting against access through Physical Authentication.

With the help of SecureKey, physical authentication will allow the users to configure in such a way that their SecurePC and/or SecureKey is used during the remote access session. Even if someone knows the login information, he/she will not be able to get connected with the computer as they don’t have the “keys”.

Know The Details On The Working Of The Remote Computer

There are two main components for establishing the connection.

  • Remote control software that is installed on the PC you wish to get remote access.
  • I’m InTouch patented technology that helps in locating and connecting to the PC on Internet.

For those who would like to know how to use remote desktop connection, there is some good news. Gaining Remote Computer Access Is Quite Convenient Now

1.    Install the software on that PC you would like to remotely access

You could use any computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 operating system and Internet connection. Installation of the remote control software will take minutes and the only configuration that you are required to do is selecting the computer, enter the name and login information.

2.   Login to your PC at imintouch.com from any web browser from a distant location

You may use any computer, smartphone, or a tablet with an Internet connection and a web browser to connect PC. Next, you simply need to login to your PC by going to the imintouch.com website from any browser of your choice and input your computer name and login information.

3.   You are all set with the distant PC with I’m InTouch

Enjoy fast and secure remote access to a PC from any location at any given time making it easier for you to access files, programs, music, and video files from a distant located PC. You could use the remote computer software now to access the files and stay productive even while on the go.


The list of the features and benefits of this software would go on and on. Business houses over the globe, especially those where employees have to frequently go on business trips, know the true value of a software that enables to access data hassle-free from all locations.