Is the #RSA public-key #encryption system in danger?

Can you break the RSA public-key encryption system using a quantum computer – Yes!

Researchers in China say they have reached a breakthrough in quantum computing. They claim that they have worked out how they can break the RSA public-key encryption system using a quantum computer. They used a quantum computer that  that will soon be publicly available!

Breaking 2048-bit RSA would be extremely significant. Although the RSA algorithm itself has largely been replaced in consumer-facing protocols, such as Transport Layer Security, it is still widely used in older enterprise and operational technology software and in many code-signing certificates. If a malicious adversary were able to generate these signing keys or decrypt the messages protected by RSA then that adversary would be able to snoop on internet traffic as well as potentially pass off malicious code as if it were a legitimate software update, potentially enabling them to seize control of third-party devices.

In a white paper published by the U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre in November 2020, experts warned that because almost all of today’s widely-used public-key cryptography systems depend for their security on the difficulty of factoring very large numbers, they would be easy to crack with a large-enough general purpose quantum computer.

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