Recent development on the #QuantumThreat

Banner-7There is a recent development on the #QuantumThreat

A team from Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University developed a new algorithm and demonstrated that it can factor integers up to 48 bits with just 10 superconducting qubits. Using this as the basis, the team estimated that only 372 qubits would be sufficient to break RSA 2048.

This development is most significant in that previous studies estimated that 4000+ logical qubits would be needed to factor RSA 2048 [].  You may recall that IBM unveiled the Osprey Quantum processor back in Nov 2022, which has 433 qubits.  Consequently, the technology needed to break the RSA cryptographic system is technically available today!

This development highlights the urgency for governments and organisations to commence planning for the transition to Quantum-resistant cryptographic protocol.  While our professor and CTO are studying the technical details of this new algorithm and will share with you further insights in due course, it is something great to write about.

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You need to act now!

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