#01Communique Announces Receipt of a Notice of Allowance from the USPTO for its #QuantumSafe #Wallet Patent Application

Patented-lores01 Communique Laboratory Inc. is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has allowed the issuance of a patent related to its blockchain endpoints protection technology.

The Company has received aNotice of Allowance from the USPTO stating that its patent application (application no. 17/972,815) for its blockchain endpoint protection technology has been examined, prosecution is now closed and it is allowed for issuance as a patent.

Quoting Andrew Cheung, CEO, “The endpoints in a blockchain are the weakest link in the system and current wallets are vulnerable to quantum computer attacks. As previously announced, using the technology embodied in this patent we have conducted intensive R&D using Solana as the sandbox and successfully created a quantum-safe blockchain with digital wallets that ensure these endpoints are safe from attacks by bad actors using either conventional computers or quantum computers. The uniqueness of our invention is further verified by the issuance of a patent.  It is inevitable that all blockchains must become quantum-safe to prevent disaster.  I believe our invention is an important milestone for the blockchain world’s security in this post-quantum computing era.”

The patent provides for blockchain endpoint protection, hence creating quantum-safe wallets. Quantum security may be enhanced through the use of quantum-safe validators for transactions whereby the quantum-safe validators process quantum-safe addresses and signatures of parties to the transactions. Quantum safety may be added to conventional blockchain transactions, for example, via smart contracts which are executed using cryptographic interlocks to between conventional smart contract execution engines and quantum-safe validators to ensure both quantum-safe processing of addresses and signatures and legitimacy of quantum-safe validators in presenting transactions for incorporation on the chain.

A demonstration of our quantum-safe blockchain and wallets is available at: https://qnt-demo.ironcap.ca

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